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Dylila1954d ago

glorious. mgs ground zeroes will be shown running on a ps4. hopefully sony can show some gameplay next week at there conference of "the future"

Dylila1954d ago

i guess wii u fanboys are upset that they will never get to play mgs ground zeroes on wii u. they will have to buy a next gen console like the ps4 if they want to play next gen games and games like mgs ground zeroes. disagreeing with my post wont ease the pain fanboys. i guess you mates havent any games because the wii u doesnt have any games. you mateys need to purchase proper systems.

BullyMangler1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

ha ha haa . you are a fan-girl . .why would i be upset to not be able to play this on the wiiU? . .when i can just buy a ps3 and play it there? . . you must be 17 Teen? fan-boys and girls are so bLind .. .

xBigxBossx1954d ago

Take your finger off the trigger... All gamers should experience mgs. It's like when the boss went up Into space, she looked down our earth and knew that we were all gamers and other consoles weren't our enemies. Lol

ANIALATOR1361954d ago

Excited! Ground Zeroes is top of my list. Ground Zeroes as a PS4 launch title would be a dream

Nyxus1954d ago

Would be nice is they released it for current gen consoles and an enhanced version for next gen as well.

xBigxBossx1954d ago

I give my life not for honor but for you... Kojima. Beyond excited for mgs:gz. "!"

solidboss071954d ago

Good, I am exited about this, hardware finally arriving on which Kojima can draw his vision.

solidboss071954d ago

Although his games are AAA even on modest hardware.

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