PS4 Will See Fewer 3rd Party Exclusives Due To Economic Conditions: Michael Pachter

About a decade ago, during the PlayStation One era, Sony got solid support for the system. Many franchises like Metal Gear Solid were born on the original PlayStation. This trend continued during the PlayStation 2 era where again several publishers like Square Enix, Capcom and Konami released a ton of third party exclusive games on the system.

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Walker2010d ago

I don't care anymore to michael pachter's predictions !

wishingW3L2010d ago

you should because this means that the PS4 will have even more 3rd party exclusives!

-Mika-2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Im sorry but Pachter is right most of the time. Look at the WiiU. He was on point when he predicted that console wasn't going to do well.

deep_fried_bum_cake2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Hey Mika, what does "most" mean in your country? If we are using the meaning in my country then it almost seems like you're saying Pachter is right a lot.

I have to clarify because that, of course, would be stupid.

SuperShyGuy2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )


Pachter also predicted Wii U would sellout through March then fall off and look what happened.

Also here is another quote

"the step up from PS3 to PS4 is likely to be only four-fold, so greater graphical detail and faster frame rates will be possible, but the difference will be barely discernible."

PS3 to PS4 "difference will be barely discernible" - Pachter

Do you believe that?

TheGamerDood2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

how many AAA exclusives does the xbox have currently?

TenkoTAiLS2010d ago

Most sensible people believe that one actually. If your expecting a huge leap you will be disappointed. Your certainly not gunna get a modern powerhouse for $400-$500 that's for sure. This console generation won't be the leap that the last ones have been.

snipermk02010d ago

pachter will see fewer brain cells because of his mental condition.

Fil1012010d ago

I agree with what you say but at the same time I really dont care as i'm still gonna buy a ps4 on release, i'm ready for some KZ4.

zeee2009d ago

I can't stand this guy. Him and Bobby kotick.

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Red_Orange_Juice2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Michael Pachter will see less quotations on n4g due to being an idiot

swice2010d ago

No, he will see more quotations. This site will have a field day

fei-hung2010d ago

My problem with his statement isn that he is stating that PS4 will have less Exclusives from 3rd parties, but he is making a biased statement. If the recession really has hit 3rd parties that hard and costs ar up, than by principle and his very own logic, the WiiU, Xbox Next or whatever and the PS4 will have less 3rd party exclusives.

A statement like that would have been far better than this drivel.

Besides, this gen has proven that Sony has relied less on 3rd party exclusives compared to last gen. If anything, outside of MGS4, what other 3rd party game can you name that has been a big AAA release on the system?

zeee2009d ago (Edited 2009d ago )

Many actually. Demon's Souls, Yakuza games, Fat Princess, many other psn titles, Heavy Rain, insomniac games, Ni nu kuni.... shall I go on?

fei-hung2009d ago

Heavy Rain, Insomniac games, Fat princess and many others have come from contractual agreements/ 2nd party devs or part financing / partnerships.

MGS4 was neither of the above. It was a AAA Exclusive similar to Gears where a dev specially made a game exclusively for a developer.

showtimefolks2010d ago

but did ps3 get any big 3rd party exclusive this gen?

1st-2nd party exclusives is where its gonna be. so i see nintendo and sony set for future while MS needs some work because whichever studios they do own most of them now make crappy kinect games

Reibooi2010d ago

MGS4 was huge and that was 3rd Party

showtimefolks2010d ago


i can't believe i forgot about that lol, its my favorite game of this gen

yaz2882010d ago

"I don't care anymore to michael pachter's predictions !" ... etc

I am sorry but why is it that every time pachter say something we get this shit.

SilentNegotiator2010d ago

But, but Pachter just predicted something that already happened! Isn't that amazing?!?!?

akaakaaka2010d ago

no way..really? i will have not guess this..

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Kur02010d ago

So I guess this means the opposite then. The PS4 will have plenty of third-party exclusives! Thank you Patcher for turning fate around.

iNathan2010d ago

This Gen 3rd Party exclusives were almost dead with a few exceptions...

This guy is a genius.

Shadow Flare2010d ago

I'm waiting for his prediction that ps3 sales will eventually decline over the years due to the release of ps4

CommonSenseGamer2010d ago

Regardless of whether or not you disagree margins are being squeezed and in order for developers to get adequate return on their investment they need to maximise platform support, I.e. release on multiple consoles.

There will always be exclusives but these will be fewer and farther between.

adorie2010d ago

Here's to hoping the tools are simple enough to help developers cut down on costs.

AngelicIceDiamond2010d ago

I know right not even the powerful MS couldn't keep up the 3rd party exclusives.

Pachter, I predict the big 3 will have "fewer" 3rd party exclusives. *Sadly gazes at Nintendo.

bicfitness2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Well 3rd party exclusives were effectively killed last gen anyhow. Development costs are just too expensive to not recoup by publishing on multiple platforms. I do expect that we'll still see more Eastern-centric games on Sony and Nintendo's platforms though; especially the handhelds. MS showed their interest in Japanese games and that was only to keep them out of Sony's hands for as long as possible. As a result I think that MS will have a hard time courting niche or JRPG publishers - SE, Capcom, etc. aside - next gen.

1nsomniac2010d ago

Watch him be completely wrong & then suddenly change his mind & everyone forget that he got it wrong..... again!

sashimi2010d ago

No one forgets, we just don't care for his nonsense.

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