Zero Punctuation Reviews Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch.

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SavageKuma1981d ago

Eh at least it was pretty *shrugs*

MmaFan-Qc1981d ago

i wonder if hes gonna fall in the same old sensationalism again only to piss off peoples, because you know, NNK is in fact a good game.....and i guess its "cool" to hate on good things.?

InMyOpinion1981d ago

The point of Zero Punctuation's reviews is to make satire of games. How good or bad they are doesn't matter.

Watch some more of his reviews and you might get it.

rdgneoz31981d ago

Take the review for what it is, a funny critique. He's not really hating on the game, he does this with everything he reviews - both good and bad games. It is an amazing game with some flaws to it, but you need a sense of humor.

Sketchy_Galore1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I haven't watched this clip yet but I do have to admit, I find the forced cynicism of most of his videos quite dull. There's no doubt the guy has a fantastic gift for language and an incredible ability to pick things apart but I just wish he would put his talents to use by expressing his honest opinions rather than being mr crazy cynical guy. I've honestly never been offended by him trashing a game I love or anything, I just find the cynical character a little too contrived.

Look at another similar commentator, Plinkett from Red letter media. He's playing a character (I hope) and mercilessly trashing things but you get the impression he's using the character to express things he really wants to say about he things he trashes, like he sat down to watch the Star Wars prequels wanting to like them but wound up wanting to spend hours complaining about where they went wrong. This guy is just as talented in terms of writing ability but I get the impression he sits down with a game and thinks, 'right, what can I complain about with this game?'. It's just a little forced.

Good satire rings true. You should always either think, 'that's exactly how I felt about that thing' or 'I never realised it before but he's totally right' rather than 'that was a humorously phrased complaint but you'd have to be a dick to seriously make it'.

joab7771981d ago

He is not hating. Its what they do. And if u havnt played this game, from the outside, it is easy to mame fun of for being childish etc. But those who have played it know how damn good it is. Its one of those rare games that i absolutely adore. I am getting sad because i am getting near the end. I have no idea how much post game content there is or how difficult it is. If Level 5 reads these, lol, please make more content. Just endgame content that is difficult, thats all. I want so badly to grind so i can conquer something. I want to be able to explore the different familiars and party strategy. FF13 got that part right. Dragons Dogma did OK and hooefully the expansion rectifies the endgame. I spent all this time acquiring all this loot with nothing to use it on. So, Ni No Kuni needs some GOOD dlc...i will buy it.

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Abriael1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It's not cool, but some talentless "entertainer" makes a living upon it anyway.

Dull, like most of them. And the biggest problem is that a lot of people actually take his crap seriously.

ThanatosDMC1981d ago

It's just another good Yahtzee video. I liked his Dragon's Dogma and Uncharted series videos.

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Kamikaze1351981d ago

Love this game. Definitely one of the best RPGs made.

BillySpandex1981d ago

This was just the game I needed, an old school JRPG to drain the bile from my COD-afflicted brain.

Aceman181981d ago

lol i know what you mean. im at 74hrs of playtime so far. love this game.

BillySpandex1980d ago

I just spend much of this evening grinding for Scrolls of Truth, and then when I got the last one, I smiled. Haven't had this much fun in years.

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