Top 25 best free games and apps for the PS Vita

Pocket Gamer's Peter Willington writes: "With PlayStation Plus, a healthy selection of inexpensive downloadables, bargains to be found in the PlayStation Mobile section of its store, and frequent sales, the Vita already has plenty of cheap entertainment on offer for discerning gamers. But, what about the kind of fun for which you pay absolutely nothing? There's a bunch of that available for the Vita, too, actually, though these gratis gems are often hidden away, buried under multiple menus in the PlayStation Store. It'd be really helpful, then, if someone could spend a bunch of time rummaging through the PS Vita Store for first-rate freebies, then publish a super-handy guide that lists all of the apps and games you can enjoy for zero pounds and zero pence. Oh, wait! That's exactly what I've done".

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CommonSenseGamer1925d ago

Wow...I guess you have to start somewhere but really Sony, just open up the Vita so it can access the Play Store.

TongkatAli1925d ago

Complaining about free stuff, mad common sense, kudos to you.

CommonSenseGamer1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

How is this free stuff any different to the free stuff you can get for other mobile devices. You know, the same free stuff Sony fanboys claim is rubbish?

Let's list the 25 best free apps and games for iOS and Android devices and you'll see what I mean.