David Cage on what lies beyond Beyond: Two Souls for Quantic Dream

Beyond: Two Souls won't play anything like Heavy Rain, Cage promises. In the cinematic adventure game, players will take control of both the supernaturally gifted Jodie — played by Ellen Page — and Aiden, the intangible entity that can travel places and behave in ways a human character can't. There are no QTEs, Cage says. Instead, Beyond will introduce new gameplay mechanics that offer similar advantages, but "play more in line with what gamers expect" from a modern action-adventure game.

Cage says that perception of Heavy Rain's QTE-heavy gameplay turned off potential players, even though Quantic Dream received "very positive feedback" about their implementation.

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Walker1928d ago

It won't have QTEs, it will *BE* ONE.

fermcr1928d ago

Heavy Rain was a good game with a good story... but had way to many QTE's for my taste. It was more of a interactive movie then a game.

1928d ago
showtimefolks1928d ago


every game isn't for everyone, go play asura wrath it also has a lot of QTE but its a fun game just like heavy rain was

i don't see david cage ever doing a game where you use FPS or TPS style of controls. I think he has foound his match with QTE and he will stick with that. now with each game i am guessing he has learned how to better use gameplay controls so hopefully beyond 2 souls has improved over heavy rain

but its still gonna have a lot of QTE and that's fine by me and many others who loved heavy rain

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