Playstation 4: Why Sony Has A Place In The Next Generation

Sony is expected to announce PlayStation 4 in New York next Wednesday. Patrick Garratt explains why Sony has earned its place in living room gaming’s future.

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Abash1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

PlayStation consoles are always going to be many peope's preferred platform for gaming, so they will always have a place in the console market

Septic1981d ago

I can't even imagine Sony NOT having a place in the next generation. The Playstation is an integral part of gaming- it doesn't even make sense to me for it to be not part of it.

GalacticEmpire1981d ago

Playstation has become an icon of the industry over the past 20ish years and, not only have Sony managed to create some of the best hardware in that time, they've also created some of the greatest software. From Crash Bandicoot to multi-GOTY award winners like Uncharted, Sony have bought and paid for their spot in this industry with persistant excellence and a focus on creating great gaming experiences for their customers.

Although Sony are far from perfect they have supported their gaming hardware and software for many years and are one of, if not the only, company to have consistantly successful consoles across the board.