Next-Gen Will Be 'A Substantial Leap Over The Current Generation' Says Epic

Epic Games' Tim Sweeney believes the next generation will offer a substantial leap on current consoles and Unreal Engine 4 could reinvent the industry.

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Dylila1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

i cant wait for next gen consoles. i cant wait for ps4. where are the fanboys of weak systems that love to say that next gen consoles like the ps4 and xbox next wont be a big improvement over this gen.

watch dog, metal gear ground zeros and a few other games shown off already are games meant for consoles namely next gen consoles. those games will be launch games on the ps4 which should show how powerful next gen consoles will be. i cant wait for the 20th feb. one more week.

Jadedz1954d ago

I don't want gaming companies to suffer because of my selfish needs. I enjoy high powered tech, though I'd rather the company who develops the games I like, to be profitable and not to go the way of Atari.

Spinal1954d ago

Well I hope to see Battlefield 4 with 64 players with decent visuals on my future PS4 that's when I'll believe there has been a substantial leap from this gen. My PC is the only thing showing me next gen quality with BF3 on ultra.

I'm realistic so I don't expect much but I want the best for the ps exclusive sequels like the last of us 2 :)

BlindGuardian1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

it seems that someone actually took the time to explain to the guys at Epic that their former line 'A Quantum Leap Over The Current Generation' really meant a very small diference, so they fixed it

I guess is never too late to learn stuff that you should've learn in high school

zebramocha1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

@blind when some one says "quantum leap" they don't of think something small but a transformative leap or progress.

Army_of_Darkness1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I can't imagine how killzone 4, god of war 4 and uncharted 4 will look on the PS4 if they can pull off very Nice graphics on the PS3!!! :-D

darthv721953d ago

that says physical/retail games are inefficient...??? hmmm

As to their claim of substantial, that could elude to much better programming rather than full on total hardware blowout like many are expecting.

There can be substantial improvements in code that gives the visual impression that something is dramatically better. Even to the point of many thinking it is next gen but still be running on current gen specs.

We have seen many times where that happens over the course of a consoles lifetime. The games generally are significantly better at or near the end of the run than they are at the beginning. Experience and dedication are proof of that.

just compare any early release on the PS1 or PS2 with one near its end to understand.

Dasteru1953d ago


Yes he knows and that is exactly the point he was trying to make. The word is being misused by people who do not understand its meaning. It sounds like it should be big to them so they use it in that manner.

Quantum means minimal.

To say "A Quantum leap" actually means a very small change.

skyrimer1953d ago

Atari is cursed, I've seen atari crash 3 or 4 times by now, someone always picks it up, and it crashes not too long after that

Dude4201953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

1. quantity or amount: the least quantum of evidence.
2. a particular amount.
3. a share or portion.
4. a large quantity; bulk.

5. Physics.
a. the smallest quantity of radiant energy, equal to Planck's constant times the frequency of the associated radiation.
b.the fundamental unit of a quantized physical magnitude, as angular momentum.

6. sudden and significant: a quantum increase in productivity.

according to the dictionary, it can be used differently, but perhaps 'quantum leap' is only a physics term, which is why it could be confusing.

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LAZL0-Panaflex1954d ago

Two words STEAM BOX.

With or without Xbox infinity or ps4....I will have my next Gen console.

kevnb1954d ago

steam box isnt even a console.

Ritsujun1953d ago

Ha ha ha.
PC > SteamBoobx

LAZL0-Panaflex1952d ago

Look at all the upset fanboys just cuz i like steam,.....losaz.

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Brasi19891954d ago

I think you have some fanboi spittle on your chin...

Tyre1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Sweeney believes that the current crop of high-end PCs are ‘representative' of what players should expect...exactly as i anticipated. Ur right! @Dylila The fanboys of weak systems are in a state of confusion. Crytek was also right about the PC version of Crysis 3 being representative of the Next Gen Console games! Can't F'ing wait. Can't be more happy to hear this...thx Sweeney!

Eldyraen1954d ago

My favorite thing about the whole Dev vs gamer expectations is apparently a lot of gamers don't think the Developers already have Dev kits or know what to expect. If I'm going to have to pick between a game dev's assumption and that of uninformed fanboys I think I know who I'd listen to.

Naturally games will begin to look better as the generation progresses but at launch its not going to be as large of a difference compared to high end pcs of today. However when compared to today's consoles and PCs the leap is still substantial without taking into account new tech will allow for raising the bar a little but more.

ILive1954d ago

Of course the leap will be substantial. To those who think that the crytek guy meant launch games will not look better than crysis 3 does on consoles are forgetting that current consoles do not suppot dx11, but the next systems do. Expect launch games to look like crysis 3 on pc and not on consoles, which is fine. Next gen is going to be amazing for console only gamers.

stragomccloud1953d ago

Referring to PC. Also, it's their job to boast their own engine. They are more in the business of selling engines then they are in the business of actually making games.

delboy1953d ago

STFU Sweeney, and go finish your engine.
You are way behind cry engine 3,so you have no right to talk about anything.
Finish you engine, then make some games on it, and then do the talking.

showtimefolks1953d ago

if every game can do Full 1080P with 60 FPS than i will consider that a huge leap. what sony and ms have to realize is that ps4 and xbox720 will be in the market for next 6-8 years at the very least. so give us a system that is a little future proof specs wise.

i know that's hard to achieve within a $400-500 price point. the way ps3 and xbox360 delivered later in this gen with amazing looking games i can't wait to see what future holds

show last guardian running and playable on February 20th

show Killzone 4 and make a impression like KZ2 did for ps3 of what PS4 is capable of

Psn8001953d ago


steve30x1953d ago

Its nice to know somebody on N4G has inside knowlege of whats happening.

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Walker1954d ago

The next generation would be a substantial leap if Naughty Dog and other sony's first-party developers make a game .

xBigxBossx1954d ago

About time. As a Someone who owns ps3 and a high end pc... I find it funny when all these devs say next gen won't be a huge leap. The games I play on PC are a huge leap from ps3! Epics right, next gen will be amazing.

DigitalSmoke1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Higher resolution or AF/AA isnt a GFX leap, its 1 factor in the whole, and easy to tune up, no skills involved.

Animation systems, sophistication of physics linked to game mechenics are excactly the same on PC and these latest Gen consoles.

As a long time PC user/player/builder/overclocke r
Now, show me a game that got developed with the obvious love as Uncharted1/2/3/God of War3/GT5 or Killzone 2/3, then get loud "as a PC gamer"


classic2001954d ago

Its the same as back in the day, a PC can make a current gen game look good but most pc gamers still have not seen next gen in the sense of games dedicated to high end machines. Not even crysis 3 and battlefield 3 full push high end computers. Lots of PC gamers think they are experience true next generation but there are way more stuff that are not pushed properly yet.

Dms20121954d ago

Thank you, finally someone brings up something graphically besides 1080p/60 fps. Animation is where I hope to see vast improvement.

xBigxBossx1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Games usually get developed for consoles then they make a PC port. So the PC truely hasn't been tested or taken advantage of. And I love GoW, killzone and gt series. I have owned and played all those games at one point. But if a game comes out on PC and ps3 at the same time like Borderlands 2, Hitman, or far cry 3 I'm going PC. And there is a notable difference to me. And those games all have limitations due to the fact that they were made with consoles in mind first. I'm very excited for this upcoming generation. Especially the rise of RPGs

kevnb1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

I have yet to see something like shogun total war 2, guild wars 2, battlefield 3(pc vesion of course), arma 2/dayz, Amnesia the dark descent, stalker series, civilization, minecraft on pc, Starcraft 2, on console. Killzone 2/3 are meh, gt5 is outclassed by multiplat games, god of war 3 is just another god of war game(not a labor of love, just a good game), uncharted games are great though. Theres always going to be great games on every system on every system. I cant think of anything that had the love of xenoblade chronicles go into it on ps3, it makes those ps3 games look like corporate machine stuff.
Honestly what on consoles can compete with guild wars 2 from last year?

starchild1953d ago

I am a pc gamer and I have to agree with you. The games on pc are really the same games as on consoles, only with the increase in resolution and framerate...and sometimes effects and textures will be improved.

Most of the time, though, we mainly get smoother versions of console games. It's just the way the industry is nowadays.

Next gen will start with the release of the ps4 and next xbox.

N0S3LFESTEEM1953d ago

Half life, Doom 3, Halo 5 :|

TenkoTAiLS1953d ago

I think you will find there are some, people just generally forget about them until they get toned down console releases. Like Witcher and Witcher 2 for example, don't even try to pretend the 360 version looked as good as the PC version on max settings. Those games were a real labor of love, and it shows. Cyberpunk will be no different.

Overall you are correct tho, most dev's these days just release quick console ports to the PC without the ability to enhance the experience with all the extra settings the PC is capable of. But that is the developers fault for treating those releases as quick rush jobs, not the PC as a platform.

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chukamachine1954d ago

I have both.

Some games are a big leap, some are not.

Better textures is one thing, due to ram limitations on PS3/360.

Where the PS3/360 suffer is mainly rez,shadow quality,fps in some games.

Take GT5.

Awesome cars - premium
Awesome lighting - best there is racing wise.
Textures - okish, poor in places.
Shadows - poor, awful in places
AA is fine, and rez is okish.

Now fix those things for GT6, add destructive damage and it'll be juicy.:)

NastyLeftHook01954d ago

keep current gen graphics if you have too, just make games bigger and better. and besides, current gen looks fantastic!

BanBrother1954d ago

I like Tim Sweeney, he always looks very calm and has intelligent things to say. I'm very interested in the UE4, mainly for its versatility. If it is as easy to use as I have seen and as easy as people have said it is, then I think UE4 will be massive next-gen. I want more variety from the people using it though.

I also agree that next-gen will be a massive leap. Look at what lighting can do for a game with good atmospheric effects. Games like Killzone3 and Halo 4 that makes them look so much better.