Latest Dead or Alive 5 Patch Brings Enhanced Boob Control

Brian Ashcraft: ''Just because Team Ninja, the developers behind Dead or Alive, are all out of fucks to give about releasing hyper-sexualized games, that doesn't mean they're not updating Dead or Alive 5. The latest update sneaks in, wait for it, a breast jiggling Easter Egg. Shocking!''

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Merrill1619d ago (Edited 1619d ago )

Keep up the good work/journalism Kraptaku.

On a side not, the video of the boobs jiggling is hilarious.

I still voted down Kotaku, as should you.

hay1619d ago

It's like an additional move for each female character, you just shake those jugs to stun male friend in versus and then follow up with a combo.

sarshelyam1619d ago

I've been waiting for this inevitable release...seriously guys...physics! It's science, and also...MATHEMATICAL!

Enigma_20991619d ago

It's Dead or Alive. Anybody really surprised?

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