Need For Speed Most Wanted U "by far the best looking version", features true Miiverse integration

Criterion Games impress with what is "by far the best looking version" being the first third party game to integrate Miiverse in-game.

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very good, now let the negative post come in. any minute now....

Nicolee1922d ago

Wii U is first next gen console ! ' grab popcorn '

decrypt1922d ago

"by far the best looking version"

Only if you decide to pretend a PC version doesnt exist.

Muerte24941922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

if you actually read the article, Criterion is actually using the PC textures on the Wii U version. Lighting, textures, effects.... are all coming from the PC version. If you include the excellent Miiverse integration, then,yes, it's probably the best version.

reynod1922d ago

They may use the Textures etc from the PC version. However the PC version runs at higher resolution aka 1080p and can use much higher AA and still manage above 60fps.

Hence PC version will still be superior.

Apex131922d ago

I think he actually meant it's the best looking version out of the consoles so calm down you none pc owner.

Highlife1922d ago

But not for long

SilentNegotiator1922d ago

Whoopie! Wii U has some better multiplats....for a couple more months.

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GribbleGrunger1922d ago

Very slick, clean visuals with a steady frame rate. Certainly better looking than the 360 and PS3. Now just get out there and buy it folks! Keep supporting those 3rd parties and they'll keep supporting you.

1922d ago
wiium641922d ago

of coarse it's the best looking version, the wii is next gen, and ps 3 and 360 are not. just because the haters say it's not next gen, does not make it so, i can say ps4 and 720 are not next gen, but just because i say they are not next gen does not make it so. but what ever helps the haters sleep well at night.

Jobesy1922d ago

Wiiu is not "next gen" it's already out, that makes it "current gen". Wii is last gen, Wiiu is current gen, Nintendo's future console is next gen. Ps3 and 360 are current gen as well.

1922d ago
Campy da Camper1922d ago

I am your father's brother's former roommate's cousin.

Lord Helmet

MNGamer-N1922d ago

This gen, that gen, your gen, last gen, who cares. Wii U is going to have good looking games. Don't be mad. So will PS4. Am I mad? No, I am happy.

PopRocks3591922d ago

You can't say the Wii U is current gen if you're listing the PS3/360 as current gen as well. Those are last gen if we are now calling the Wii U next gen.

Realplaya1922d ago

Nope wii,ps3, and xbox 360 are all last gen no matter how you add it divide it and multiply it wii u is next gen. When 720, and ps4 come out they'll be next gen.

MaxXAttaxX1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

You would not consider that next-gen. And the Wii was a GameCube with motion controls and also played GameCube and PS2 games, the same way the Wii U is playing PS3 and 360 games. So how was that next-gen?

Is, it the next generation of Nintendo hardware and successor to the Wii? Yes. But it's not next-gen tech (not sure how many times devs have to repeat themselves).
It plays the same games with similar quality. It all comes down to the games.

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herbs1922d ago

It's awesome when devs put in the time and actually take advantage off additional assets. Great job Criterion :)

Apex131922d ago

Ok I take it we are talking about gens? Just a guess lol

Starfox171922d ago

Wow WiiU version is AMAZING love these features best NFS ever.

DOMination-1922d ago

The game sucks imo. There is no narrative when it comes to the top 15 most wanted like in the original. The city is lifeless and uninteresting. The races repeat very quickly and there were huge technical problems on the 360 (May be fixed on WiiU?)

And the soundtrack is unusually poor for a Criterion game. I thought the reviews for the game were way too high.

deafdani1922d ago

The gameplay video looks great, but I really am not liking this co-driver powers stuff. Turning off traffic, changing the time of day... really? Wouldn't this mechanic make the game way too easy if you played with another player?


Starfox171922d ago

Why its just an option called co driver you don't have to play this way ??? do u even listen.

deafdani1922d ago

Did you read what I said? It's right there. In my post. In the last sentence.

"Wouldn't this mechanic make the game way too easy if you played with another player?"

^ That means that, yes, I understand it's a coop feature. It doesn't necessarily justify it. I was making a genuine question. Up your reading comprehension skills, please.

Maybe there's a justification for this feature, maybe there's a mechanic to counterbalance it, preventing it from making the game too easy or something. I don't know. This is why I made this question. I expected someone to maybe give me some insight to this matter.

But no. You only had to mindlessly get on "defense mode", instead of activating a few brain cells and try to engage in a intereting discussion. Hell, you could've even told me to just wait until the game release to see how it pans out in the end, that maybe I'm judging too soon, and I would've conceded your point.

What did your answer to me bring to the table, except a pathetic attempt to attack me, without bringing up any actual argument or reply to my question? Ugh.

It really doesn't surprise me at all that so many people on this site have such a poor image of Nintendo fans. At least here in N4G, the vast majority of them are embarrassing to read.

I'm still open to a nice discussion, if you want to have it. It's up to you to change your attitude and tone down the "defensive fanboy mode" a bit. I promise it will do wonders for you and everyone involved around you.

LiViNgLeGaCY1922d ago

He would but he's out of bubbles. =p

Deku-Johnny1922d ago

No, my friend's are dicks and would turn off traffic until I was use to not having traffic and then turn it up to full so I lose.

exfatal1922d ago

not all nintendofans are like starfoxs and behalf of him i do apologizes for his rudeness. To answer your question though, i believe its an extra mode to play around in, with a friend not necessarily to complete the game if you are looking for a challenge. Also i might be mistaken but i think god mode only works in open city driving perhaps, so when you are in an actually racing event it some function are shut off?

also I'm hoping maybe there is just a normal co op mode where second player uses game pad as screen and first player uses the tv. like in call of duty or sonic racing.

live2play1922d ago

they call it "father-son" mode
specifically making it easy on purpose for people new to this fast series

you saying it might make it too easy is exactly what this mode is trying to do

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wiium641922d ago

and if you watch the video the developer says the wii u uses the pc versions textures, the 360 and ps3 versions do not, why? because the wii u is next gen, sorry haters deal with it.

chukamachine1922d ago

ahh so textures make it next gen. Nope.

The wii u has more ram - ram = textures.

wiium641922d ago

no it uses pc textures, textures from the pc, using pc textures helps make you next gen.

SkullBlade1691922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Last I checked, PC textures exist right now, and have done at this quality for a long time.

That's hardly "Next gen", better looking PC games already exist.

Nintendo simply caught up with modern hardware, that's all. The PS3 and 360 are using 7 year old hardware, it's nothing to write about just because it looks closer to the PC version than the others.

N4GDgAPc1922d ago

Actually chukamachine is correct. Reason why it can do pc textures is because of more ram. The cpu is what ruins the Wii u's potential. Most Wii u games will look the same or worse compared to ps3 and 360 if they just port it over.

To take advantage of Wii u they need to make it the main port which right now is just stupid. Wii u exclusives will look amazing because all there focus will just be the Wii u.

Deku-Johnny1922d ago

@SkullBlade169, the oldest tech in the Wii U is about 2 years old. The oldest tech in the PS3/360 is probably about 8 or 9 years old. Just because you have some unreasonable hatred towards Nintendo doesn't mean the Wii U isn't the most powerful console available for the next year or so.

1922d ago
1922d ago
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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Yes but can it play farcry 3 or bioshock infinte or the last of us? say yes and I will buy a wiiU now.

Can't remember the last NFS game that I liked.

Deku-Johnny1922d ago

It's not whether the Wii U is capable of playing those games, it's whether the devs want to bring those games to the console. Anything PS360 can play Wii U can do without breaking a sweat.

deafdani1922d ago

Theoretically? Yes, of course it can. The Last of Us on Wii U will never happen, though, just like any Mario or Zelda game won't happen on a PS3.

delboy1922d ago (Edited 1922d ago )

Can you play Zelda on another system. Lol
And wiiu doesn't need every 3rd party game to be ported, only the best ones :-) plus N console ever.

Nice to see Frostbite 2 is working so great on wiiu, hopefully we will see some battlefield on wiiu, and with some good second screen implementation.
Best BF version confirmed.

BlackWolf1922d ago

Well, pretty sure it could, if the devs decide to port it.

Realplaya1922d ago

Why is that even a question?

Braid1922d ago


The game uses an updated version of Criterion's "Chameleon Engine", which was formerly used in Hot Pursuit. The NFS game which uses the Frostbite 2 engine is Need for Speed: The Run.

People seem to confuse those two, in reality Most Wanted has nothing to do with Frostbite 2.

WiiUsauce1922d ago

Asking if the Wii U can play The Last of Us is like asking if the sky is purple. We all know the Wii U will never have the Last of Us, because it is a first party Sony game. Would the Wii U be able to run the last of us hypothetically? DUH, of course it damn well could. The Wii U has a more modern feature set, and better hardware than the PS3.

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Ippiki Okami1922d ago

WOW. Nintendo fan boys are stupid. I know you guys have never experienced "HD" games and as casual gamers you can be easily be swayed by "tech" talk lol. There is NOTHING next gen about this game. All the tools used are tools made for this gen of pc/console games. Next gen games using next gen tools are games like Starwars 1313, Watch Dogs, square enix luminous engine, etc. You are only looking like fools saying this is next gen, sorry.

broken_back-man1922d ago

thats very true and I bet all the games you just meantioned wont even show up on the wiiu because devs dont want to waste their time downgradibg from 2 real next gen systems!!

Realplaya1922d ago

watch dogs is rumored to be coming to the wiiu if it does will you come back and eat crow?

N4GDgAPc1922d ago

Well if it does come out on Wii u it will be a downgrade. Ps4 and 720 will be a lot better.

IAmTheBest351922d ago

ive experienced hd.. on my ps3 and 360. hey, you seem to know a lot about whether something is next gen or not. maybe you can answer me this question, at what point did the 360 become next gen?

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