Need For Speed Most Wanted (Wii U) - Developer Commentary

Watch as one of the game's developers walks you through its Wii U-specific features - and explains why this is the definitive version.

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Jadedz1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

I'm Buying this game.

Starfox171712d ago

Well 2 video's in less than a few minutes and i must say this looks like proper Nextgen NFS wow day 1.

BullyMangler1712d ago

damn . . n4G is pow! today

stuntman_mike1712d ago

awesome, I think I'll be making a purchase.

Nevers0ft1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

This game was on my probably-maybe pile up until a week ago... But the Rayman and Alien fiascos coupled with the obvious effort Criterion have put into this version of NFS have sealed the deal.

stuntman_mike1711d ago

I'm in exactly the same situation, I was waiting eagerly for both Rayman and Aliens on WiiU, but I ended up deciding against them (in Raymans case it was because it's too far down the line but I'll see closer to release) and now NFSMW has taken their place.

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