PS4 controller: new details emerge pre-reveal

A VG247 source has seemingly confirmed that the PS4 controller will include a front touch-pad, speaking a week before the console’s expected reveal in New York.

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NeverEnding19891649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

So it's pretty much confirmed that the PS4 controller will borrow heavily from the ergonomic Xbox 360 controller and recycle the Wii U front screen.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but what happened to the innovative SONY of the PS2 days? Are those days so far gone?

Where did the SONY I know and love go?

Walker1649d ago

What the hell are you talking about ?!

ExCest1649d ago

"The controller is “more or less” the same shape as the current DualShock" wtf you talkin' 'bout? Where does it say it'll borrow from the Xbox controller?

"We’ve been told today that the L2 and R2 buttons have been remodelled for the better." Does that instantly mean "hurrdurr copy MS"?

Recycle the Wii U front screen: Or integrate a vita?

GribbleGrunger1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

When did Nintendo and Microsoft patent a slight curve in the triggers (which is what I take this to mean). Could you show me those patents please?

This jealousy needs to stop. It really is exposing the youngsters out there.

fabod861649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

It's a touch-pad and not a screen, like the one in the back of the PSVita. -_-
Also "The controller is “more or less” the same shape as the current DualShock"... where did you get any relation with the 360 one?
What a........ :/

Edit - Seams someone preceded me. :P

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


There is no sony you love you just hate them.
If they cured cancer you would say they ripped off the medical industry and are not innovative.

If Killzone 4 look super realistic you will say they ripped of real life and xbla bobble head avatars playing tennis is purely amazing.

I am pretty sure you purposely ignore the innovative games sony makes. And will not complain when 720 uses blu ray.

You only troll sony articles and never once complain that xbox has few AAA games or charge for multiplayer.

And yet something is wrong with sony?

Maybe if their last new AAA game was in 2010 like alan wake you would feel better about sony?

Instead ni no kuni, god of war, the last of us and beyond the same year as ps4 is not enough?

Also you probably think nintendo is innovative for making a tablet controller in the middle of a tablet boom.

Good job. You are and Grade A troll.
I will buy you a bridge so you can live under it.

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guitarded771648d ago

I would ask you where you got that idea from, but you only have one bubble and cannot reply :D

kratos171648d ago

Never ending troll since 1989

dafegamer1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

since when is a touchpad a screen dumbass
also "The controller is “more or less” the same shape as the current DualShock". Speaking of reading comprehension skills

Clarence1648d ago

You must be smoking! They just said
"The controller is “more or less” the same shape as the current DualShock. We’ve been told today that the L2 and R2 buttons have been remodelled for the better."

BattleAxe1648d ago

"PS4 controller will borrow heavily from the ergonomic Xbox 360 controller and recycle the Wii U front screen"

Dude, you must be on drugs. More like they're borrowing heavily from the PS Vita.

Ritsujun1648d ago

NeverEnding1989 has been mad since 1989.

Convas1648d ago


ShutUpAndTakeMyMoney talking about trolling.

The sweet, sweet, SWWEEEEEET irony.

SonyAddict1648d ago

I think you will find that everything xbox was in fact copied from sony!,or should I say stole.The only reason Microsoft got into the console business was to piss of sony in the first place and remember what paved the way for Xbox?,It was PLAYSTATION! don't forget what came first and what ruled as the KING of all consoles

evilhasitsway1648d ago

more like there using the back of the vita you retard.

humbleopinion1648d ago

What's the problem with not being innovative? You don't innovation if your product is good, and borrowing the Xbox controller ergonomics as well as the WiiU gamepad screen sounds like a very good.

The Wiimote was innovative. The Kinect was innovative. The sixaxis was innovative. Does anyone care? I rather have a good controller than an innovative one that doesn't work

nosferatuzodd1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Wow! nice stealth trolling there very good job mate..

nosferatuzodd1647d ago

This is a classic case of being an Xbox nazi,
If its up to this guy we would all have a chip in our heads
Playing Kinect adventures with a windows phone and apple and google workers would be going to the gas chamber on live television broadcast,And we would all
Have a SWAT STICKER burned in our forehead ..

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TheGamerDood1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I'm sick of all the rumor articles but I can't help but click on and read all of the latest info. -_-

Only 7 more days to go, hurry up Sony, make time go faster dammit! :D

Spinal1648d ago

As long as we got some good triggers im happy :)

Ares84HU1648d ago

Imagine if they do show off the PS4. How impatent you will be to wait for months for it's release!

Skips1648d ago

I hope they didn't touch the analog sticks. Other then making them concave.

I don't like analog sticks that aren't aligned. lol

stage881648d ago

No no no. Concave is an awful idea. My fingers ALWAYS slip off the 360's sticks.
Lets hope Sony stays with the convex sticks and of course aligned.

squarecircle1648d ago

My thumbs slip off convex sticks and I always find I'm less accurate when making slight movements, I always play with the rubber concaved stick covers.

To be fair it's all down to personal preference, I hope they give you an option this time.

Fil1011648d ago

I would like to see the L3 & R3 stiffened up abit and made abit more durable.

thorstein1648d ago

I got 49 disagrees the other day for claiming it would launch at $350. This article is claiming $400 (not too far off).

N4G, I gotta love ya!

xursz1648d ago

350 is what Nintendo is charging for the Wiiu. I think 450 will be the sweet spot for PS4 and the xbox720 will be 400.

Ritsujun1648d ago

It's all about the MATERIAL, dudes.

andibandit1648d ago


Convex is a NOGO, i cant play more than 2 hours with convex sticks, and please make it assymetrical or let us choose.