SuperBot Entertainment: “We’ve Got All-Stars You Haven’t Seen Yet”

While SuperBot Entertainment’s role in the brawler has nearly come to an end, the studio still has more dlc characters in the works who will be unveiled next month.

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hulk_bash19871979d ago

These guys really have a passion for this game. Its a shame they are being let go.

dgonza401979d ago

Seriously.. Most anyone who's played it for an extended period of time knows it's a great fighting game with very few overpowered characters (Raiden, Kratos, Drake). The announcement of Sony's and SuperBot's relationship ending has to be the most disappointing news this generation as a PS3 owner. It's SUCH a promising IP. Hopefully we get a sequel from Sony Santa Monica that fixes the problems with the first one.

NukaCola1978d ago

This is a game that needs a rebranding. I say, they should add all the DLC and put the effort in adding new modes and what not...then rerelease this with ADVERTISMENTS!!!!! at a $40 price. I think it has a chance of still doing well.

yeahokchief1978d ago

yeah raiden is a bit overpowered right now.

sackboy was the most overpowered though. i had a 25-0 record in 2v2s in the preseason with sackboy before they nerfed his ap gain via cake and ap required for level 3.

looking forward to the new characters

1978d ago
sinncross1979d ago

ohh awesome. the localisation thing is interesting... wonder if its West to Japan or Japan to West.

cant wait

isarai1979d ago


Now just don't charge an arm and a leg for them.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1979d ago

SuperBot Entertainment: “We’ve Got All-Stars You Haven’t Seen Yet”

Crash? cloud? spyro? snake? These characters you should have had in realease.

ANIALATOR1361979d ago

couldn't agree more. SuperBot, if Snake is in, I'm in.

RmanX10001979d ago

At least the game is fun... Even though its missing a couple All-Stars :P

Hicken1978d ago

As long as it's fun, I'm not really gonna complain about the roster. Could it have been bigger? Sure, but when you think about how complicated it would have been to build the roster they did- and add in the ones people complain about- it's a miracle they even pulled off THAT much.

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The story is too old to be commented.