Celebrity Video Game Voice-Overs You May Not Have Noticed

Behind all great characters in games lie hard-working actors that bring them to life. Here are some of the overlooked celebrity-status actors that have lent their voice talents to some of the most memorable characters in gaming.

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flat-9-liner1859d ago

Really cool post, had forgotten about a lot of those iconic voices and characters...nice work

Ajoyshop1859d ago

My favorite unknown was Wayne Newton "Mr. New Vegas" in Fallout New Vegas. Classic!

bentarrant1859d ago

Bethesda do really well with voice overs. They clearly recognise the importance. One of favourites in new Vegas is Victor the robot. Came across as a really genuine bloke.

grind1859d ago

ron pearlmen , win!! you do forget about some of them , all great character and to be able too get that talent across with just there voice , unreal

Orangeandwhite1859d ago

Nice! Totally missed some of these. Next up, mr. Drippy in the upcoming Call of Duty. Count on it!

Wrightylfc881859d ago

Can't believe that was Liam neeson!

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