Resident Evil 0 Wii, First Screenshots

Capcom published the official website for Resident Evil 0 for the Wii, and with it come the first screenshots of this new Wiimake. Game looks exactly the same as the GameCube opus. The new artwork just looks horrible though...

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Marcello3945d ago

Is it me or do Capcom seem to have lost the plot ??

I mean come on did PS3 owners really want a Lost Planet port ?? and from wat i been reading a very bad one at that :/ and now this a port of a port to the Wii only for Japan :/ Shouldnt they really be putting all their time and effort in getting RE5 out to us ??

Capcom if you really wanna us to play the old RE games again then Port 0,1,2,3 & 4 over to 360/PS3 with updated HD Graphics thats wat i would really like to see.

Minimee3945d ago

I confirm Lost Planet port is very very bad.... :/

Deios3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Why are the even wasting their time making remakes of the same games we already have for the gamecube? If i wanted to play RE0 in my Nintendo Wii, then I just pop in my gamecube copy. Please give us new games, or give us some sequels. If you guys really, really want to make RE remakes, atleast give us a remakes of RE2,RE3,RE-C:VX, with the upgraded graphics of RE0.

kazuma3945d ago

capcom's kinda crazy now, releasing the crappy ps3 port of lost planet, re-releasing re4 and re0 for the wii (wiimote? omg innovation for re! shake it baby) and after seeing sf4 last year i fear for it *shivers*
props for zack & wiki though awesome wii game and let's just hope they don't screw up re5 (please capcom the world needs neegro-zombie killing!) oh and i won't say anything about bionic commando (the 3d one, not the 2d remake that's all kinds of awesome)

sanjisan3945d ago

Looks like the Gamecube :/

leon763945d ago

I think it's worst, a lot worst!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.