Rayman Legends Fans Should Have Seen This Coming

While some of the issues surrounding the Rayman Legends debacle are warranted, fans really shouldn’t be surprised at the multiplatform release and another delay.

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dubberman1860d ago

A game that's finished and a few weeks from release goes multi-plat and is delayed by 7 months for no decent reason.

Yeah, deffo should have seen that coming.

Starfox171860d ago

What a stupid headline ?

corrus1860d ago

The most stupid article i have ever see

AztecFalcon1860d ago

The game has been pushed back and pushed back. You could tell they were thinking about not leaving it as an exclusive. This was seen a mile away.

ElectricKaibutsu1860d ago

Two weeks before the finished game would be released, you predicted the seven month delay? You're amazing. Please give us more of your knowledge of the future.

BlackWolf1860d ago

Right, because people can see the future...

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