Bungie Fans Collaborate to Uncover Destiny Hints

Gameranx: "Cryptic clues lead up to a Destiny reveal this Sunday."

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MightyMatt1011956d ago

I'm not a huge Halo fan but I do enjoy the games. Definitely looking forward to seeing what bungie is cooking up. Maybe a glimpse of next gen but I'm sure we'll see a current gen version before we see anything next gen if it is indeed headed to the next playstation, and Xbox.

KillerBBs1955d ago

I hope they pay there programmers this time

TheSurg1955d ago

A little of photoshop and you can see its a character with a gun. Looking at the right image made out of dots (zoomed out version) makes me believe it's 3 guys walking forward and holding their guns (just like on the picture above).

GearSkiN1955d ago

this game got serious hype!