Face-Off: Aliens: Colonial Marines

EG:Given the potential for fitting the Aliens universe into a suspenseful first-person adventure, the firm but fair Eurogamer score for Aliens: Colonial Marines comes as dismaying news, but perhaps we should have seen the fire on the horizon. The signs of development hell are writ large when a game's first unveiling dates back over half a decade and where the studio credits are divided across four separate offices. In this case, we see Gearbox Software at the heart of the game's lengthy span of development, while segments of the solo campaign and multi-player are outsourced to TimeGate Studios and Nerve Software, respectively. The journey towards nailing a final release date has been described by one former Gearbox employee as "a total train wreck" though the jury is still out on the condition of the Wii U version, currently being handled by Demiurge Studios.

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jimbobwahey1929d ago

PC version: Sucks
PS3 version: Sucks
Xbox 360 version: Sucks

Thanks and come again next week for another thrilling multiplatform technical comparison where we compare the shades of green on a blade of grass outside the level boundary in some game you don't care about.