'Yakuza 3' (PS3) - 62 New Screens

Yakuza 3 will no longer be set in modern days, but in 1605, during the Edo period. Yakuza 3 will sport 4 fighting styles, hand-to-hand combat, one or two katanas, or wielding a huge sword. It's currently scheduled for a March 6, 2008 release in Japan.

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ravinash3942d ago

This really is putting you in another time and another place.

Cartesian3D3942d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 isnt alone this year.. it has a Great Rival

cant wait for Heavenly sword 2(Mature rated BTW) ..

Fox013942d ago

please don't ever compare this game to Ninja Gaiden II, Hardware wise we all know the value and quality of Ninja Gaiden, so please don't ever, ever compare both franchises

Rikitatsu3942d ago

For God's Sake don't' mention Ninja Gaiden again!! its a frustrating mindless hack and slash with a boring story and Level Design with no RPG elements whatsoever ... the Yakuza Series Proved to be far better, and most of japan prefer Yakuza over Ninja gaiden, If u don't beleive look at sales charts ...

Ninja Gaiden is way too overrated

socsca3942d ago

"its a frustrating mindless hack and slash", you only say that because you haven't taken the time to learn it properly, if you had... you'd consider it to be on of the better games in existance, like me.

Agree with fox1, don't ever compare crap (yes, I said it!) games like yakuza to the greatest amongst great (NG).

meepmoopmeep3942d ago

i played the demo and it was ok.

gambare3942d ago

The demo didn't show what the game is, I expect to play the retail game soon.

hazeblaze3942d ago

I can't wait to hear when we get a NA release of this game... hopefully by the summer time!

bumnut3942d ago

im getting a ps3 soon and have never played a yakuza game.

is it like shenmue or more like gta?

Julie3942d ago (Edited 3942d ago )

well i don't see it as an rpg, you don't lvl up, you get to learn new moves, and there is a lot of interaction with another characters. I see it more like an action game, with a stunning stoty (i am talking about Yakuza, the 1st one) :3

PD bumnut: i am not a guy >.> lol hehe , but i don't mind everyone thinks that gamers are all male :(

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The story is too old to be commented.