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Cliffy B: Horror games are the "ultimate campaign rental"

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszkinski has suggested players are no longer willing to pay for a pure horror experience in gaming. In particular, he discussed Dead Space 3 and how EA were conscious of ramping up the action to keep consumers interested. (Dead Space 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

HarryMasonHerpderp  +   748d ago | Well said
Complete rubbish.
It's the argument that horror is a niche genre again.
That people won't buy games if they don't have explosions and a sea of constant bullets being fired back and forth.
A good horror game can sell millions just look at the old resident evil games, the problem is almost all of the developers that used to make these horror games decided it wasn't enough and changed their games to a more action orientated affair this gen. The horror fans never asked for it and never wanted it. Does that mean we don't exist anymore? give us a proper horror game again and we will buy it.
The horror genre never got a chance this gen, the developers/publishers just decided horror doesn't sell anymore and dropped it the first chance they got without actually making a true horror game to test the waters and see if there still is an audience for it.
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Septic  +   748d ago
I agree with you there. Well said.

ALthough Cliffy does make sense when he says:

"P.S. In the $60 disc based market horror doesn't fly - it's the ultimate 'Campaign Rental' that's played for 2 days and traded in and I'm sure EA knows this. When we're fully digital we'll see more true horror games coming back. (Look at Amnesia and Slenderman on PC.)"

It'll be interesting to see how classic horror fares in a more digital backdrop.
supremacy  +   748d ago
So in theory he does have a point, but his point could also be applied to any other single player based games.

If gears didnt have multiplayer then it too would be a 5 hour rental or something in thats nature.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   748d ago
I truly believe horror games will make a comeback through digital, there is a lot more freedom with indie games.
If the game is good enough though I also believe people would pay $60 for a AAA horror game.
Like I said the genre used to sell millions so what's changed? maybe no one would buy a $60 horror game anymore but what annoys me is there is no proof of that happening, no ones bothered to even try to do it. The closest thing we have had to a AAA horror game this gen (on consoles) is probably the original Dead Space and that sold millions. People didn't buy that game for an all out action experience they bought it because they wanted to be scared and disgusted. It delivered and people bought it. So again I don't see what this "people wouldn't buy a $60 horror game" is based on.
It's just a myth that games will sell less without action or multiplayer, just look at The Walking Dead, people are craving new experiences.
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r21  +   748d ago
Of course he liked the changes in DS3, he makes action games :L
ShaunCameron  +   748d ago
No. He makes TPS's, namely the game that somewhat influenced the DS franchise.
Hicken  +   748d ago
Oh? Then there's no action in the Gears franchise?
zerocrossing  +   748d ago
Ugh... Cliffy B putting his foot in his mouth again.

Just because most devs aren't capable of giving us a decent "survival horror" game, doesn't mean the genre is lacking in wide appeal.

Why do you think people still buy RE, DS and SH? Because we are all hoping that one day one of these franchises will give us what brought us to that franchise to begin with, the thing we found so compelling about the originals, genuine "survival horror" tense, heart racing, sweaty palm inducing "HORROR" but no, a lot of devs are either too incompetent or lack the skill (usually both) to provide us with anything other than gung ho, shoot em ups, that lack any real horror other than the horrifying disappointment at the realisation of what has happened to a once beloved benchmark of a genre...

Survival Horror is no more because many devs are too lazy to craft a suspense driven narrative that realise on build ups, and a scary atmosphere that goes beyond jump scares, so they go for the easy money, the over saturated action shooter approach.
Ares84HU  +   748d ago
I think that Gears of War is an ultimate rental. I played the first one once and after I got done with it I didn't wanted to play Gears of War ever again...it was so boring and repetitive.

A good horror game is a keeper. The best we got this gen is Dead Space. DS1 was an amazingly good horror game. DS2 was great as well and real horror came when you played it on the hardcore difficulty where you had only 3 saves for the whole playthrough. Now I'm playing DS3 and it is a good game but it's more about shooting now than anything else. RE games this gen aren't even close to horror anymore. Give us good horror games and they will sell.
tigertron  +   748d ago
People buy horror games to be scared. Not so they can run around like Rambo.

People watch horror movies to be scared.

People buy action games for thrills and to blow crap up like Rambo.

Cliffy B, you are wrong.
Greyslash  +   748d ago
>Gears of War designer
>Cliffy B.
Well, judging by those two parts of that opening sentence, I can whole heartily saw everyone can disregard everything this guy says and laugh it off.
Fez  +   748d ago
What do you call Cliff Bleszkinski's pen?

...a Cliffy Byro

Blacklash93  +   748d ago
Horror has its good share of fans and they have not disappeared over the years.

There are several horror franchises that did well in the past (but today have woefully gone astray) and we still have gems that do well here and there today, like Amnesia.
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47  +   748d ago
He's right, you morons are just too stupid to see it.

Games development has changed, prices have gone up(a fact you idiots have glossed over). A million units moved isnt what it was 10+ years ago when titles like Resident Evil were popular. Video games themselves were not nearly as popular. The market has changed and a HUGE influx of these dude bro gamers are now cemented in this industry and they do NOT want a pure horror title like RE. Releasing a game like the orig RE, in a disc based age will NOT sell the way it did 10+ years ago. People just wont take to it the way they did then and its not financially feasible for the company to produce a game that'll only move a million units. This is something that many of you dumb f**ks never grasp, THE VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY IS A BUSINESS. They are there to make money. Period. Unfortunately too many people like those here in this comment section cant grasp that fact. You feel the industry is somehow different or unique to other industries. IDK, maybe its just a fact that the avg gamer is an idiot(quick strolls around places like N4G and Kotaku kind of prove that). Either way, Cliff B was right and the rest of you just look foolish.
Blacklash93  +   748d ago
Thou doth condescend and rant too much.
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bluetoto  +   748d ago
While your tone is harsher than I would have used, I agree, more or less.

I own the original DS and haven't played it again since my 2nd playthrough, some years ago. I'm a collector, but most average gamers would have traded it in long ago, because honestly people, how many times can you be scared when you know what's coming?

The whole point in playing a horror game is to get that tense helpless feeling right? Well just how tense and helpless can you be when it's your third or 4th time playing?

That turns SP horror games into rentals.

Selling 1 or 2 million today is NOT the same as selling that amount 10 years ago. EVERYTHING has gone up in cost since then, which depending on the games budget, selling 2 mill is no longer profitable.

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