Wacky Wednesday: King of Fighters '99 Live

Having suffered through 2010's horrendous King of Fighters movie adaptation, the MWEB Gamzone columnist wagers that a Youtube video with cosplayers would make a better adaptation.

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schmoe1862d ago

I wish that i had the time on my hands that some of these folks do!

PandaMcBearface1862d ago

King of Fighters sounds so awful that I now must watch it for irony purposes.

Choc_Salties1862d ago

Agreed, now my curiousity is piqued...

DesVader1862d ago

Nope didn't see the King of Fighters movie, but this "cosplay" adaption is pretty amazing. You have to love the internet for unlocking potential in people like this. Definitely *Achievement Unlocked* - Big Lol video.

Fierce Musashi1861d ago

I saw that crap on netflix. The movie was bad on it's own and may be even funny at first, but only someone who is aware of KoF's history/story/characters can truly understand how near-offensive it was.

Another shining example of why game-to-film adaptations should not be attempted.

LOL @ Iori socializing, the government agents & those Soul Calibur fight scenes.