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Submitted by Theyellowflash30 1091d ago | opinion piece

Sony is Gift-Wrapping Japan to Nintendo

Furious Francis takes a look at how Nintendo is dominating the Japanese sales charts with little to no Resistance from Sony. Does Sony have a master plan to take back Japan next generation? (3DS, Nintendo, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Sony, Wii, Wii U)

wishingW3L  +   1091d ago
is not Sony's fault that they don't have Pokemon, Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest. ;___;
NewMonday  +   1091d ago
New games don't sell in Japan anymore. the young love Nintendo's tradition, and the adults are playing weird games on the PC, so Sony are boxed out.

would love for Sony to open up the console for some of those "weird" games
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1091d ago
New games don't sell? In the article they talked about Fantasy Life. That's a new franchise.
deafdani  +   1090d ago
Pokémon? Of course it's not their fault. Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest? Well, they could certainly try to court the publishers of these games a bit more, and do something to get a bigger install base on their handhelds. They aren't really doing any of that.
bullymangLer  +   1090d ago
and S. 3D :/
GribbleGrunger  +   1091d ago
Is it really? Now rewrite this article, include the word Wiiu, and put it up for approval one more time. Then we can have a balanced debate.
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xursz  +   1091d ago
WiiU actually started out well in Japan. They were/are the sole reason it isn't outsold by og Wii every week. In other territories that isn't the case.
Theyellowflash30  +   1090d ago
The Wii U is selling right with the PS3 in Japan,and with barley any software. Japan is dedicated to portables, we all know that.
shackdaddy  +   1090d ago
You would need to change Japan to Europe or US though...
Drainage  +   1090d ago
except nintendo owns the 3DS
NewMonday  +   1091d ago
Japan are not a big market anymore
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Jadedz  +   1091d ago
At the moment
It's doing better than the UK.
NewMonday  +   1091d ago
used to be a big single market behind the USA, now it compares to a single EU state
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Mathew9R   1091d ago | Spam
Ron_Danger  +   1091d ago
@ Mathew9r

You forgot to add Godzilla and school girls being raped by tenticle monsters to your generalized remarks at Japan.

superdupernintendo   1091d ago | Spam
portal_2  +   1091d ago
Wii U
RTheRebel  +   1091d ago
I like both is that hard?
knifefight  +   1091d ago
This is about selling, though, not liking.

I also like both. In Japan, though, it seems only one of them is selling. And that's been the case for, like, well over a year.
Zefros  +   1091d ago
Oh please, ive been to uk, your houses are so small compared to norway, it's not even funny lol.
hennessey86  +   1091d ago
And that has
What to do with gaming?. On topic, I think both Sony and Microsoft need to step it up in Japan and cater to the culture more.
Zefros  +   1091d ago
Dont know, i just wanted to point that out :P
NYC_Gamer  +   1091d ago
Japan is not a big market for console gaming anymore..It's mostly about handhelds and phone gaming out there now days...-PS3 is doing way better in NA/EU hardware and software sales wise.
platformmaster918  +   1091d ago
Sony shouldn't even try with tablets and phones and Pokemon and Mario to go against. Just stick to where you have frequently dominated and make your best products, home consoles.
joeorc  +   1090d ago
"Sony shouldn't even try with tablets and phones and Pokemon and Mario to go against. Just stick to where you have frequently dominated and make your best products, home consoles."

this is A problem, that Sony is not going to ignore, and you stating that Sony need's to ignore the Mobile market, would be market destructive for Sony's bottom Line if they do what you are talking about. for instance.

You seem to be like Many are just all to quick to Focus on the top leader postition, when it's a folly to ignore the larger picture why Sony is still in this part of the Market and not just getting out of the arena of this part of the mobile market. The Fact more than a few people keep saying Sony need's to do this, and have said it for a while the same thing, are failing to see exactly why Sony is staying in this part of the market. The is a very good reason why, because if Sony does not stay in , they would be far worse off.

How is that, when they are already at record Loss'es, and lower Mind share and lower Market share. well that depends on the dynamic's of each market.

Example: Nintendo is the current leader in Mobile gaming devices right? if you are talking about dedicated yes, but as in the entire market as a whole?

No. even though the 3DS is a fantastic game hand held machine. its no longer the leader in hardware sales and Game sales, its not even close anymore in the mobile market. because Smart devices have taken that part of the larger % of Mind share and Market share. but the Ironic thing is Sony is the 3rd place Market leader in mobile smart devices with Samsung 1st and Apple 2nd.

this is the with A: no real challenge to Nintendo's 3DS, and with B: - OUTLOOK BY SET TO JUNK STATUS! of the company of Sony as a whole. B: No real Prot's "yet" Large bleeding of red ink money. and yet this very same company is in 3rd place by quite a margin over other companies in smartphone sales. like HTC, Pantech in smartphone's. Sony sell per Sales quarter over 9+ million xperia smartphones every 3 months! and do people really think Sony is really worried about directly beating Nintendo in the dedicated Mobile Game handheld market, when the leadership for the entire mobile market is smartdevices for mobile market in system sales but also software sales!

Sony is making sure there is not just Nintendo choice in this part of the market, you do not have to be market leader to be a success. So unless brick n mortar stores stop ordering the PSVita sony will keep shipping the unit's along with support also.
platformmaster918  +   1090d ago
I hope it's a success of course and I may buy one if a real Ratchet and Clank comes out. They made so many mistakes with the very conception of this platform though. They should have catered to the Japanese market and done some better marketing rather than promoting that crappy COD game. They should have made LBP the big bundle with it and advertised that for the holidays. Also they could have moved the power down a little to make it be able to reach $200. I know 3DS was $250 when they announced it but they had to have people that could see that 3DS was worth less than that and could undercut them. Hindsight is 20/20 I know and of course I thought it would do a lot better, but Sony should be better at predicting these things than me. Whatever they always brought their A game to home consoles and have made my 3 favorite consoles ever so I'm getting PS4 day one. Good luck to Vita hopefully it'll reach 30% market share eventually.
joeorc  +   1089d ago
"Also they could have moved the power down a little to make it be able to reach $200. I know 3DS was $250 when they announced it but they had to have people that could see that 3DS was worth less than that and could undercut them."

It is not about the Nintendo 3DS! Sony Designed the PSVita once again for the Market that is now, not the way it's been in the Past. for instance Aside from the way Nintendo does it's Handheld's . Smartphones and Tablets Absolutly Dwarf's the dedicated Game Handheld Market, and Developer's go where the Money is. where is most of the 3rd Party developer's going? Yes the 3DS has Quite a number of 3rd party support, but no where near the sheer number of developer's for smart devices. That is where Sony is Taking the PSVita, why do you think Sony designed the PSVita the way it did.

Sony could have used cheap ARM 11 and a PICA 200 GPU for the Handheld and cut down on cost's way down just like Nintendo does and Makes a platform like that. But Sony is not Nintendo That's what makes Sony ..well Sony the Idea about the PSVita if you have not been paying attention is that it's able to Handle advanced game engine's by 3rd party that mobile smart devices use but keep up with the advances of said smart devices. The point is Nintendo will release more dedicated Game HandHelds but they do not design the Game handhelds like you would a smartdevice, Sony on the other hand does. Not to say that Nintendo is not good for doing what they do, anyone can see they do very well. Like i stated there is already a Handheld designed for such consumer's the PSVita is made for a part of this market that wants Livingroom console experiences on the go, that has always been Sony's point of the Playstation Portable. that has not changed in their idea of what the purpose of their portable is designed for.

Knowing that will be a smaller market and Mind share why do it? Right? This is about the long Haul, sometimes it does not work out, the PSPGo comes to mind, sometimes it does the PS3. the fact that Playstation Mobile was being done during the PSP's first release back in 2004. Sony knows where the market was heading. The PDA market and what happed with the smartphones absorbtion of the dedicated PDA market. If you look at the way Sony had playstation Mobile release the same day and date of the PSVita release announcement, giving it stage time, shows that Sony is looking at the market different than the way Nintendo does.

with 128 MB of Dedicated GPU ram in a Handheld, no other Gaming Handheld device or smart device has that other than maybe the Nvidia Shield. Why is that you think? because it's maybe not needed? right just like Many said Hdmi was not needed, or Blu-Ray. Sony designed the PSVita for what developer's wanted, so Ask yourself why is the PSVita Having a hard time, is the games releasing slow, is it price, is it poor design? these very same thing's were said about the PS3.

Sony is making sure that the PSVita was made for an extended life shelf in this part of the market because the other companies like Samsung, and Apple are in indirect competition with Sony and Nintendo. The fact that Nintendo is doing so well and Sony is not doing well does not mean that Sony's business plan is not sound. remember you make the business plan set for 5 year's ahead both Apple and Samsung is not in this market but yet they are seen as already in this market.

So Sony is making sure they have a seat at the Table even if that is a small seat. it beats not having a seat at all. The fact that sales are slow still does not take away from the fact there is sales. and not just small ones we are talking still in the 100's of thousands you sell a million of anything that is nothing to sneeze @ !
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skyrimer  +   1091d ago
Like it or not, japan is not as important as it once was. JRPGs / SRPGs sales are incredibly low on the west, they love dating simulators, dynasty warriors clones, hunting games and manga ports which are niche here. They are even losing ground on traditionally solid genres like beat em ups, where their latest efforts like Ninja Gaiden 3 are terrible vs western God of War, and even DMC is now developed in the west. They had the whole horror genre for themselves with silent hill, project zero and resident evil but they have thrown it away, and right now dead space is the best horror franchise. Fighting games is the only genre where the japanese are truly ahead everyone else, though Netherrealms MK and Injustice look like the west is closing the gap.

Just watching the xbox close to winning this gen and they are non existant in japan shows how japan is not that important anymore.
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DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1091d ago
3DS is an unstoppable best!
neogeo  +   1091d ago
WiiU power.
RFornillos4  +   1090d ago
there is some truth to this, about Sony seemingly losing interest amongst the Japanese. their TV brand for example are losing ground to Samsung and the likes. what are the reasons, you might ask? for one, Samsung and LG for example are cheaper than Sony, with similar features. even digital cameras from Sony are way too expensive when compared to the likes of Canon and Nikon.

another reason is that Sony has become a global brand, that somehow it has "forgotten" the smaller retailers in their homeland. long ago, you can find Sony TVs in local appliance retailers. now you can't find them there, coz you'll have to go to some big store or Sony's shops to get them.
AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1090d ago
They didn't gift wrap Japan, Nintendo was just uncharacteristically aggressive right around the Fall/Winter months before Vita's launch in securing a high-quality, top-selling (in Japan) franchise like MH on the 3DS.

Given that the holy trio (Pokemon, MH4, and Dragon Quest VII) are all seemingly releasing in the same year, it's not entirely shocking that the 3DS is selling insanely well in Japan. However, I was not expecting Animal Crossing to sell as insanely well as it has (and in just one region) while also providing an unexpected boost in Japanese hardware sales during the early part of 2013.

IMO, the Vita just never stood a chance in Japan given the titles that Nintendo secured for the platform, but that doesn't mean the Vita is done. In fact, it still has a lot of potential and opportunity to overtake the 3DS in western regions, since the 3DS isn't exactly lighting the world on fire in NA and EU.
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YoloSwag  +   1090d ago
The Vita's a dud now. Needs an extreme price cut or it isn't going to go anywhere.
wiiulee  +   1090d ago
sony has no choice..3ds is unique while the psvita is basically a portable ps3...
NYC_Gamer  +   1090d ago
3ds isn't more unique... Nintendo just has the advantage software wise...
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1090d ago
Nintendo won Japan on their own merits. It had little to do with Sony.
WooHooAlex  +   1090d ago
This. I don't think there is a whole lot Sony can do to combat the success of the 3DS.

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