Sony is Gift-Wrapping Japan to Nintendo

Furious Francis takes a look at how Nintendo is dominating the Japanese sales charts with little to no Resistance from Sony. Does Sony have a master plan to take back Japan next generation?

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wishingW3L1893d ago

is not Sony's fault that they don't have Pokemon, Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest. ;___;

NewMonday1893d ago

New games don't sell in Japan anymore. the young love Nintendo's tradition, and the adults are playing weird games on the PC, so Sony are boxed out.

would love for Sony to open up the console for some of those "weird" games

ElectricKaibutsu1893d ago

New games don't sell? In the article they talked about Fantasy Life. That's a new franchise.

deafdani1892d ago

Pokémon? Of course it's not their fault. Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest? Well, they could certainly try to court the publishers of these games a bit more, and do something to get a bigger install base on their handhelds. They aren't really doing any of that.

GribbleGrunger1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Is it really? Now rewrite this article, include the word Wiiu, and put it up for approval one more time. Then we can have a balanced debate.

xursz1893d ago

WiiU actually started out well in Japan. They were/are the sole reason it isn't outsold by og Wii every week. In other territories that isn't the case.

Theyellowflash301892d ago

The Wii U is selling right with the PS3 in Japan,and with barley any software. Japan is dedicated to portables, we all know that.

shackdaddy1892d ago

You would need to change Japan to Europe or US though...

NewMonday1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Japan are not a big market anymore

Jadedz1893d ago

It's doing better than the UK.

NewMonday1893d ago

used to be a big single market behind the USA, now it compares to a single EU state

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Ron_Danger1893d ago

@ Mathew9r

You forgot to add Godzilla and school girls being raped by tenticle monsters to your generalized remarks at Japan.


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RTheRebel1893d ago

I like both is that hard?

knifefight1893d ago

This is about selling, though, not liking.

I also like both. In Japan, though, it seems only one of them is selling. And that's been the case for, like, well over a year.

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The story is too old to be commented.