How Sony’s views on mobile gaming will affect the PlayStation 4

Recently, Sony Computer Entertainment of America Director of Emerging Platforms, Chris Mahoney, divulged Sony’s ideologies regarding mobile gaming as compared to console gaming. Interestingly, this glut of information comes around a week before Sony is rumored to announce the PlayStation 4. Could this information be a strong hint as to what direction Sony will take gaming?

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bigtrucknd1863d ago

I just want remote play on my vita from the PS4. That way I can game while my wife watches TV and won't get annoyed with my eight hour gaming sessions.

andibandit1863d ago

Sounds like the Vita is doomed, heard it from the horses own mouth :O

JoGam1863d ago

Somebody should shoot the horse and put it out its misery.

fOrlOnhOpe571863d ago

So, using his analogy, if mobile gaming is the snack, does that make Vita the packed lunch....and PS4 a banquet?
Im REALLY hungry for February 20th lol

BuffMordecai1863d ago

Mobile gaming(excluding dedicated handhelds) is more like the snack you select in a vending machine that gets caught up in the release mechanism and steals your dollar.

platformmaster9181863d ago

I might get a Vita next year when I'll have to take the bus on campus and probably be stuck there for long periods in between classes, or 3DS with pokemon coming out. Not really sure yet.

abzdine1863d ago

i'm worried about one thing that is really bad about Vita: Multi account!!

fredrikpedersen1863d ago

I'd like this too. That way I can buy games for my sister's Vita, but also use them on my own

abzdine1863d ago (Edited 1863d ago )

...and sony can finally start earning money from digital downloadable titles because since i changed my country of location i cannot buy games on DL for my main account that is running on both PS3 and Vita.

the day sony realizes there are people who have problems like mine they will start earning some more.

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