Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - Opening Cinematic Leaked

Warning : Spoliers!

Looks like someone has already got the game a week before everyone else. Lucky youtuber PS3GamingHD has just uploaded the "Beautiful" opening cinematic. Again, beware of spoilers!

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Irishguy951802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

My god the animations!

Don't care though - Gameplay gameplay gameplay - Nuff

Edit---Beware...Aliens Colonial marines ending will play as soon as the video ends

What the hell is with ACM ending? Broken cannon

j-blaze1802d ago

Japanese always make incredible cinematography u know, no one can match them :)

RickHiggity1801d ago

Maybe not always realistic. But who the hell cares? :D

wheresmymonkey1802d ago

Reviewers have had it since last friday. Someone's in TROOOUBLE!

mac_sparrow1802d ago

This could well be someone who has been chosen for the come round party. My package turned up yesterday and there's an nda included.

mac_sparrow1801d ago

A disagree, well okay then... I guess my parcel didn't turn up, I don't have free t shirts, lithographs etc and that I can play my early copy before the 16th without having my psn account shutdown, glad non disclosure agreements aren't contracts or anything then.