Does Square Enix Even Remember Announcing Final Fantasy X HD?

They revealed the game and then promptly forgot about it. To all the ardent old-school Final Fantasy fans, that's exactly what it seems like. ...why?

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Snookies121956d ago

Well... It isn't a XIII, obviously they don't have time for it right now... :\

Beetey1956d ago

Square Enix is pleased to announce their newest title in the Final Fantasy Series- Final Fantasy X HD: Lightening Edition*.

It will feature a brand-new rehashed story featuring who else but everyone's favorite heroine- Lightening.

*Note: This has nothing to do with the original final fantasy X. We figured everyone was probably getting tired of those "old" games.

kreate1956d ago

Their next game is final fantasy 13 trilogy.

Pozzle1956d ago

I don't even think they remember Final Fantasy Versus XIII. :(

AznGaara1956d ago

This. It's been what? 6 years? Meanwhile a game like Ni no Kuni is showing them how to actually make a good JRPG.

animegamingnerd1956d ago

most JRPG'S developers are showing square that at this point

PuertoRicanVolta1956d ago

Well actually, I recall them commenting on this. They said b/c FFXIV failed and required rebuilding, they took the team in charge of remastering FFXHD and pushed them into assisting the other dev team in charge of the MMO. Managing Assets and what not.

Now, is it true? Haha... with Square Enix these days, who knows?!

Elda1956d ago

Square mentioned this hd version was suppose to come out on PS3 & Vita way before hd KH1.5 & that's on it's way to be released,still no mentioning of hd FFX,Square Enix love telling lies or they're just in a big state of confusion not knowing what to release & when to release it.

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