Are Steam hiding Alien Colonial Marines terrible Meta critic score?

Currently Gearbox’s Alien Colonial Marines is the top seller on steam, its fair to say that this new video game entry has not been very well received by critics, although I personally don’t think its as bad as people are saying, however its definitely not a polished as it should have been given the franchise and the time invested in its development..

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batbatz1951d ago

Should Alien colonial marines be pulled form the Steam store because its so buggy, similar to what happened with WarZ??

JustInTlME1951d ago

It's bad.... Never played WarZ but its BAD! Like not worth the $2 redbox rental bad...

maximaz1951d ago

Damn, thats a real bummer man. I've been waiting for this one.

PopRocks3591951d ago

Try it out for yourself. Not everyone has trashed it and even then the opinion that should matter to you the most is your own. What someone else hates you may love.

RememberThe3571951d ago

Thats what reviews are for; to stop me from buying into the hype and spending my well earned money on a shit game.

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Rubberlegs1951d ago

Alien: CM is not buggy. It would have been nice to see some extra polish put into the game but it plays perfectly fine. War Z lied about a bunch of features that aren't in the game yet and that's the main reason why it got pulled.

Also the metric score is back up on Steams store page.

squarecircle1951d ago

It is buggy, I've had my gun disappear many times so I can only see my hands and I have 999 ronds but I can't shoot. You have to quit out the whole game for it go back to normal, rather annoying.

thezeldadoth1951d ago

lol buggy as WarZ? no, don't listen to the troll. Its an average game, not horrible, not good. Its not even close to WarZ quality and probably wouldve gotten good review scores if it came out in the middle of this generation.

batbatz1951d ago

nowhere near as bad as WarZ

JedMan19851951d ago

Man...and I was going to get it.

Neurotoxin1951d ago

Colon Marine it is then.

Iceman X1951d ago

Aliens Colonial Marines is a GREAT game stop hating, if you don't like it or NEVER even played it, Why are you here posting on a baord for something you don't like?? Get a life Trolls!!!

aliengmr1951d ago

Sounds like someone got the Collector's Edition.

Seriously though, great games don't get rated this bad.

Wagz221951d ago

Deadly Premonition says hi haha of course I haven't played Aliens yet so I can't say first hand its bad, but I have played Deadly Premonition and that game got shit on by most review sites but I freakin love that game.

thezeldadoth1951d ago

i torrented it to try it, so no i'm not sorry about a purchase. Its an OK game, not even close to as bad as people say.

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