NVIDIA GeForce Titan Launches on 18th February – Final Specifications Confirmed

It was already pointed out that NVIDIA would launch a new flagship GPU known as the GeForce Titan in February 2013. The reports were correct and the launch date of the GK110 mammoth has been confirmed as 18 February. also the final specifications of the GPU have been revealed.

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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2011d ago

I will stick to my gtx680 a while yet.

PtRoLLFacE2011d ago

that thing is a monster but the price is a monster as well, i heard from $800 to $1500 fuck i can buy a car with that lol

ShinMaster2010d ago

I could buy three PS4s with that money.

But that's the price of high-end PC gaming, I guess...

decrypt2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

"I could buy three PS4s with that money"

Yea but why compare a low end part to a ultra high end one.

PS4 will feature a low end GPU compared to what a Titan will be. The rumored 7850 - 7870 is mid range tech as of today, when it releases it will actually be low end tech in PC terms.

A 7870 which is comparable to a PS4 would cost you 210usd.

Add in rest of the parts and you could easily make a PC for 500-600usd, which would have comparable performance to a PS4 and be fully upgradable for the future, not to mention will have full BC with any game you own today.

Edit: Lol people actually disagreeing 7870 being a low end part in the next 6 months.

ShinMaster2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

You don't really need that much power for current games.
Most multi-platform games are dependent on consoles anyway. Some games don't even require any more than 2gb of ram (see: Skyrim).

And what YOU consider "low end tech" will actually perform better on consoles than it would on PCs. There is no standard on PC, so it's nearly impossible for developers to optimize games directly anywhere near as well as on consoles.

Anyway, can't wait to see the new wave of upcoming games.

theaceh2010d ago


But you won't have God of War or Gran Turismo. HA!

2010d ago
cyclindk2010d ago

Yes, but can that car render "X" gflops of whatnots every second!

Yeah, didn't think so...

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ChrisW2010d ago

The GTX680 should be able to play 99% of AAA PC titles on max resolution for the next couple years.

LightofDarkness2010d ago

That all depends on how much the next gen consoles up the ante. This has been true for the last few years because most games are developed and targeted for PS3/360. Once it's PS4/new Xbox, expect every game to be as demanding on PCs as something like Crysis 3 from the beginning, and it will only become more demanding than that as the generation moves forward. About 1 year later (after the launch of consoles), you should be able to buy a GPU that will see you through most of the generation at high setting above 30FPS (like the 8800GTX/9800GTX). But anything bought prior to that is not a sure thing. I had a 7800GTX OC in 2006 that was just about able to manage 30FPS or so at reolutions like 1024x768 and 720p, and a GTX 260 a year later was able to handle most games quite well.

The thing is, PC GPUs may be way more powerful, but they are 1) not standard in all PCs (and are thus impossible to optimize for directly) and 2) have a much higher API overhead, meaning console developers can program almost direct-to-metal, gaining them much better performance with seemingly lower end parts.

kevnb2010d ago

it really doesn't have much to do with consoles. Tons of games are multiplat and push way firther than consoles can right now. Then there are pc exclusives that are just huge in scope like arma, total war, and guild wars 2.

NOOBKILLA2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

The Titan is for PC gamers with Multi-Monitor setups running games on ultra settings at 5760x1200 and up. If you are running a single 1080p monitor then it will be overkill.

chaldo2010d ago

This may sound stupid but I will get this and sell it once the 790 gets released. I always feel the need to upgrade graphic cards. I cant help it :(

jeffgoldwin2010d ago

sounds like a dangerous addiction, financially.

vanethe2010d ago

I just bought a 670 a few weeks ago , and i dont plan to upgrade any time soon , hell most game wont need that power anyways

solid_warlord2010d ago

Advice for the super geeks...Just get a next gen console. No need to spend stupendous amount, on a single GPU every 6 to 12months. Ur being sheep's and u don't realise it. Next gen, console will finaly be 1080p native so no excuse for it to be sub HD. Next gen will be optimised so it will basicaly be on par with PC as far as eye perception of visuals are concerned for an average consumer. Sure next level of GPU may be able do fo 4k at high resolution soon but according to research conducted by steam. Most PC gamers play on single 24inch monitor so 4k won't make a difference to most. Console will do for most gamers plus u have better exclusives unless ur one of those geeks who play boring anti social RPG's.

LightofDarkness2010d ago

Have you not noticed you're reading and commenting actively on a website dedicated to videogames and their culture? You need look no further than the nearest mirror for a "super-geek".

solid_warlord2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Would i still be a geek if i said i usualy play 2 casual games a year and i have not paid full retail price game for 2 year. Im a casual gamer not a geek who is willing to spend stupendous amount on GPU's every year. I see no value spending $$$ on GPU over next gen console. Hell, u can buy the next PS4 and 720 for the same price as highest end GPU. Don't be a fool, buy a console and be happy. 1080p and 60fps max is the sweet spot. Especialy if ur gaming on a monitor.

Bladesfist2010d ago

I need a good computer for my work, And by good I mean gaming good. So why should I buy a next gen console as well when it will probably be worse than my PC.

I run 2 x 22" Monitors

KING852010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Lets get something out of the way. As mentioned before calling someone as "supergeek" as you phrased just makes yourself look quite juvenile. Secondly this myth of PC players buying a GPU every year is ridiculous. Their are those users who do that, but the majority of PC users don't. I have a GTX 680 and have no plans of buying a new GPU this year. Quite frankly most PC games don't utilize the power with exceptions of games like Metro 2033, Battlefield and I would say less than 10 more titles to add to the list. It has much to do with the resolution you play at and optimization of a game as Metro 2033 was not optimized well for PC.
I don't know if you're a PC player, and I'm not going to say you dont have any knowledge of gaming on PC, but i'll leave with you with a little advice.If you haven't played on PC, or if you have little to no knowledge of how it all works, then you really shouldn't be commenting about it. I see too many people try to justify and say that "people waste their money on GPUs". It's their money and they can use it however they please. I have no interest in SLI of a GTX 680, but I can understand those enthusiasts who have a 120hz monitor who are. People just have to understand that old proverb "to each his own". Don't try to convince someone otherwise by calling them names because in the end you lost the argument from the get go.

aliengmr2010d ago

I'm still rockin' a single GTX460.

Constant upgrades on PC is a myth. This GPU is for gamers with more money than sense.

Twignberries2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

@solid_warlord you're a solid_turd. You do realise some of us are currently gaming at 2560x1440 at 100fps+ and all you want out of next gen is 1080p 60fps. Dude get with the times, 4k gaming (for pc) is just around the corner! (as in most likely late 2013-early 2014)

P.s. now im not saying anyone is inferior or anything like that, but you make it sound like these next gen consoles are doing something revolutionary when in reality, its something pcs have done consistently for the last decade at least

Perjoss2010d ago

Why drive a gold when you can enjoy cruising around in a ferrari...

CGI-Quality2010d ago

Your comment makes absolutely no sense at all.

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TABSF2010d ago

PC > PS4

This is true

saint_seya2010d ago

Not for me, and yes i have bf3 on ultra in my gaming pc, in fact i have 5 pcs, and i do play more on pc just cuz league of legends... but the fact is i like more playstation game than pc games, besides counter, bf3 and league of legends, most of pc games are boring to me, and yes i said to me, we all have different tastes, but for me ps3 games>pc games.

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