PS3 dominates 2012 sales in Australia

Sony Computer Entertainment Australia has today confirmed that PlayStation®3 established sales leadership position for the 2012 calendar year.

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AngelicIceDiamond1951d ago

I read this somewhere else earlier. Australia, was a back and forth market with Xbox but now PlayStation just overtook that region.

Congrats to Sony.

zeee1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

They have good taste.

chukamachine1951d ago

does he hide behind 6inch bullet proof glass like the other one.

Now that's faith

MultiConsoleGamer1951d ago

Good to hear. Australia is often neglected by the video game market. And those poor folks are getting screwed on video game prices.

PS3 and PS+ is a great value for people living in regions like this one.

SlyFamous021951d ago

Same in South Africa, Play Station has little to no competition here, but most of our game prices are in the region of R700 which is equivalent to +-$90.

juandren1951d ago

Dis net te fokken duur. Hahaha

stonecold31951d ago

glad to own a ps3 from day 1?

Bathyj1951d ago

why is that a question?

it should, be glad to own a ps3 since day one!!!

nukeitall1951d ago

What does that even have to do with this article?

rezzah1951d ago


It is the same with any fan of another console that recieves positive attention.

BanBrother1951d ago

Good to hear. The problem was that the PS3 over here was highly priced compared to the 360, but after the priginal slim models, many more people started to pick them up.

It is sort of looked at as the 'premium' console, but now it is super affordable with the newer slims. Plus, it doubles as a blu-ray player.

M2-1951d ago (Edited 1951d ago )

Didn't Australia have that promotion where Sony gave away PS3's (for free) with the purchase of Sony Bravia TV's at one point? I think Sony gave away over 20,000 consoles during that period.


@GribbleGrunger below
No that promotion lasted from '08-'09 as far I know. I was just pointing out one of Sony's marketing strategies used in the AUS territory.

GribbleGrunger1951d ago

Yeah, that must be why! Good call.

DiRtY1951d ago

PS3 dominates 2012 sales in Australia

click on the link:
"28% market share!"

Well, I certainly have a different definition for "dominating".

calis1951d ago

28% versus other consoles and handhelds is pretty good.

DiRtY1951d ago

It is certainly not bad, but look at the market. The market conditions are pretty bad - Every console is down YoY for 2 years now, because this gen seems to take forever.

When you look at total numbers of consoles sold, they are probably pretty close. And all are not doing well. So "domination" is something else IMO.

But hey, it is PR-talk. These people are hired to make you believe that everything is just fine and you are the nr. 1 leader no matter what.

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