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Submitted by doctorstrange 1093d ago | opinion piece

The Future of Bungie’s Destiny on Xbox 720 and PS4, Timed Exclusives and the PS Meeting

With Bungie teasing Destiny’s official reveal for Sunday, the Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan discuss what it means if the game is a Xbox 360 and 720 exclusive and why the game is set to be announced 3 days before the PS4.
-PSLS (Bungie, Destiny, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Foolsjoker  +   1093d ago
I don't know whether to be excited or not for Destiny.
StrongMan  +   1093d ago
Same here. I may Gamefly it on PS3.
EVILDEAD360  +   1093d ago
Bungie FTW...
Can't wait for this...

Feb 17th will be a great day

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1092d ago
According to someone who works at activision it's like halo but bigger world.

I will wait for goty edition on ps4 then.
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landog  +   1092d ago

lol....gamefly what?

used games are going away, same with rentals, all games next gen will come with a code that links it to your console and psn/xbox live id

gamefly will be a digital download site only, see how you can already download pc games on it, they are prepping for the inevitable and sad future of a world without game rentals and without used games

gaikai will be the way you rent games, direct from sony for $10 for 3 days

no more of this $9.99 for as many games as we can mail you

that stuff is going to be in the history books soon, its sad, but true.
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RememberThe357  +   1092d ago
@landog: Stop talking like you know whats going to happen. And all we've heard is that MS plans to block used games, that has nothing to do with Sony or Nintendo or anyone else for that matter.

You can't see into the future so stop acting like you know whats coming. We'll see what happens, and deal with it when it does.
TrendyGamers  +   1093d ago
I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I'm definitely curious to see what Bungie has been up to.
djthechamp24  +   1092d ago
shit dude i can tell you right here, just another first person shooter dude aint really nothing that special man
koh  +   1092d ago
I voted "disagree" because in one sentence you said 'man', 'ain't' and 'dude' twice. Also because I'm excited to see what they've been up to, but mostly the 'dude' thing.
shivvy24  +   1093d ago
im not excited because i dont even know what the game is , im just curious what their making at the moment
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1093d ago
I certainly am, Bungie created the very popular Halo franchise. And hopefully they can make Destiny just as popular as Halo one day.
Jio  +   1092d ago
Have you seen the concept art?

This game looks amazing!
TronEOL  +   1092d ago
Well we'll find out if we want it or not when they show us some gameplay. Since I'm buying a PS4 in fall (if that IS it's release date), and moving all my game purchasing to that and (already) PC/Steam, I have zero problem waiting until it releases on PS4 or PC.
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otherZinc  +   1092d ago
I've told you guys Destiny was exclusives to 360.
Also, Destiny will Never grace the PS3. Destiny 1 may grace the PS4, but not the PS3.

Also, Destiny not making it to the PS3 is not due to a deal with M$ & Activision. Bungie has exclusive rights to Destiny. The reason for 360 exclusitivity is the RAM Limitations of the PS3 to Open World games.

Also, there are only 3 Destiny games being made, And Bungie gets to keep the Destiny IP.
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HammadTheBeast  +   1092d ago

How come GTA IV and Just Cause run better on PS3?

Also, its never been confirmed that Destiny is coming to 360. Or anything else you wrote for that matter.
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DigitalRaptor  +   1087d ago
You told us? Wow, how enlightening.

What is this then? http://www.destinythegame.c...

lol failboy!
Wedge19  +   1093d ago
Hmmm, Interesting. I'm optimistic, but we'll see what the announcement brings.
dbjj12088  +   1093d ago
Hahaha, omg that image.
Legion  +   1093d ago
Worst Photoshop I have ever seen.
Riderz1337  +   1093d ago
I really hope this game isn't a time exclusive game for the 360. I fear that if it comes out on the 360 first and later it comes on the PS3, I will lose interest in the game and forget all about it.
Legion  +   1093d ago
" was revealed that the first Destiny game and its first major DLC will be an Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 timed exclusive for Fall 2013. Bungie and Activision then have the “option” to release the game on PS3/PS4 in Fall 2014 if they still wish. The next 3 Destiny games after that would then be multiplatform."

Any speculation after this is just that... speculation. Microsoft is not likely to just give up the exclusive period on the game.
dcbronco  +   1092d ago
I'm pretty sure MS has right of first refusal for a period of time or a set number of games. It was part of the contract to let Bungie go.
Legion  +   1092d ago
I believe you are correct in your thoughts on that.

Everyone wondered why MS allowed Bungie simply to go off on their own after putting so much development into them.

And the simplest answer would be to allow a company to grow on it's own. And set the conditions for it's freedom to it's loyalty to the company that led them into the console market with a bang!

The redevelopment of Halo from a PC oriented RTS game (though it was actually MAC promoted) that ran by the code name of 'Monkey Nuts and Blam!'. It became a launch title and positioned in a way to allow it to be the flagship title which would launch MS into the gaming industry.

The best thing that ever happened to Bungie was the acquisition of it by MS.

And FPS games became a staple on consoles today.
dcbronco  +   1092d ago
Even without right of first refusal Microsoft still made out well when they let Bungie go. They still got to keep Halo. Halo 4 has already sold over 7 million copies. Considering they sell it at $60 and don't charge themselves a royalty fee, they have made several hundred million already. Once they release a few more versions on the next Xbox they will easily hit the billion dollar mark.
TronEOL  +   1092d ago
Which is what will happen if Sony continues the path they've been going. Most PlayStation fans will be busy playing the many expected PS exclusives. But if their game is good enough it'll keep your attention.

Developers need to be more careful with this timed-exclusive stuff. Interest dies after a long period of time like that.
JamieL  +   1092d ago
Not to people who like games and not consoles. Most people do not have this whole "company brain control disorder complex" that's so very prevalent on this site. I do agree with you to an existent, I mean there really is no way to recreate the excitement of the first day launch, but with the right advertisement they could still drum up hype for a later launch on the other console. Some people would be happy it's coming to their console of choice, and they get to play it. I guess my main point is no matter when, or how a good game comes out on a platform, someone who truly enjoys games would be happy to play it. The whole “Company Loyalty” thing, that is the foundation of this site really does not apply to the masses.
DwightOwen  +   1093d ago
With Activision pulling Bungie's strings, I'm not so excited about their new project. Maybe they'll prove me wrong.
BanBrother  +   1093d ago
I don't doubt Bungie for a second, but one has to wonder how they will make 4 games, and 4 pieces of dlc for each of the 4 games by 2020. It seems they are under quite a bit of a load, and I can't help but think the combination of Activision, timed exclusivity and a stiff contract will make the franchise suffer.

Suppose we can only hope they get some freedom...
danny818  +   1093d ago
So bungie went multiplat?
ZigZagLagger  +   1092d ago
yep. after halo 3 they wanted to be independent from Microsoft, but they had to make 2 more halo games to end that contract so they made ODST and Reach.
Dlacy13g  +   1093d ago
IF it really is timed exclusive and IF it is a year long exclusive and IF the game truly blows people's minds then this could be one hell of a marketing move by MS to get Destiny shown just days before Sonys big event.
Aclay  +   1093d ago
If Bungies next game ends up being Xbox 360 and/or Xbox 720 exclusive, I imagine Microsoft will advertise it like Halo or Gears and it'll end up being a huge launch-window game for the Next Xbox. Would not surprise me one bit if it was timed exclusive.

I do agree with the points made in the article though, if the game starts out as an Xbox exclusive, it'll probably end up damaging it's potential on Playstation. Even if the game starts out multiplat. day-and-date on PS4, I'd bet any amount of money that all games in the franchise WILL have Xbox timed exclusive DLC.

And even if the game launched day-and-date on the PS4, I still think Bungie's next game would be adopted mostly on the Next Xbox than PS4 because I imagine many Bungie fans are Xbox-centric gamers and they'll probably prefer to buy Bungie's next game on the Next Xbox.
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RuleofOne343  +   1093d ago
Great article , decent point but lets not forget this is a Business , so however a company can give it self a leg up their going to take it . So lets not try to make it seem like Sony is being taking advantage of by a tactic they have used or have no problem using themselves
ger2396  +   1093d ago
I don't mind if it's timed exclusive, as long as when they do release on ps3 its marked down drastically and includes dlc. It's not like I wont have any other games to play.
momthemeatloaf  +   1093d ago
I feel so bad for Sony. They've finally gained a bit of buzz and Microsoft is going to crash their party by showing off Destiny footage on the 720
stage88  +   1092d ago
Yeah Sony are going to feel awful because this is an MS exclusive... oh wait.
FunkMacNasty  +   1092d ago

"Sony's finally gained a bit of buzz"


Dude, where have you been since 2006??
Legion  +   1092d ago
I think the points in the article about "The problem is that timed exclusives are flawed, from the publisher and developer’s perspective." is wrong in it's concept.

A timed exclusive allows for a new IP to test the waters before having to invest in multiple platforms. Allowing the publishers to gain extra income (usually the exclusive is backed by an up front profit incentive) along with insight as to how the game is favored and how they can further develop it if needed for other systems.

Mass Effect franchise I think did better on PS3 then if it would had it been brought out at the same time as with Xbox 360. (note: don't misread this statement... we know Xbox 360 franchise did best)

PS3 is known for good games but some titles which are excellent get tossed under a rug simply for their multiplatform label or just for the fact of being looked over for variety of other titles on the market. (which can be said about Xbox 360 titles too... just simply look at Alan Wake)

Mass Effect franchise I believe had a larger North America base and thus why it was purchased more on Xbox 360 then say PS3, as Xbox 360 is more focused in this region. So much of the issue of Xbox 360 having sold more could have been also the effect of regional love for it.

Though we know that the returning fans of the first Mass Effect on Xbox was a true push for further games to be bought. I don't think Mass Effect franchise would have been as big as it is without the exclusivity in it's origin.

Other titles have reached lauded sales by being multiplatform... but most of these have at one point or another been catered to for the style of game and the company or history behind it.

We will just have to see how Destiny fares when it comes out. Let us hope that Bungie does as well with Activision as it did with MS behind it! I have been a fan of theirs since first playing their Myth games on the PC.
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jmac53  +   1092d ago
I loved Myth and Myth 2! Damn we need a HD remake!
Legion  +   1092d ago
I would love more then just an HD remake. I want a complete new engine with same great gameplay!!!
dubt72  +   1092d ago
This is exactly what I thought when the news came of the 2/17 reveal. Microsoft is going to steal some thunder! Woohoo!
braydox21  +   1092d ago
well i guess we will just have to wait and find out forourselves unless you have close ties to bungie or activision or maybe even microsoft. although i think it would be ironic if Destiny was a ps3 exclusive instead of the 360 but i doubt it hopefully it will be released on all console (pc too can't forget about them too or the wii u but for some reason i can't see it on the wii u oh well good luck to everyone and hopefully it will be to all our expectations unless your expectations are low then i hope you change them to high cause im sure that this game will be....................
lovegames718  +   1092d ago
Funny how ppl think a game from bungie that most Sony fans arent even thinking about is going to take thunder away from a gargantuan Rumored ps4 or gakai centered press conference lol yeah right. No thunder will be stolen this gane isnt even most ppls radar unless of course your a die hard micro. fan and not to mention this game will be multiplat. Sony is on a roll this year with Ni No Kuni, Gow Asc., Tlou, Dust 514 and a possible ps4/Gakai reveal this isnt thunder its a tsunami that cant be stopped. Not to mention alot of ppl if rumors are true are passing on xbox 720 if its centered around kinect because they dont want to make the same mistake twice. Stop dreaming fanboys lol
Septic  +   1092d ago
Did you just tell yourself to stop dreaming?

Oh and please grow up lol. Your little rant sounded like it was to reassure yourself more than anything.
Martywren  +   1092d ago
These guys are some damn good developers revitalize shooters on consoles.
THC CELL  +   1092d ago
A timed exclusive vs a console announcement. Bwhahahhah am sorry but timed exclusive dont get me.
Father Murder X  +   1092d ago
You all do realize that Microsoft still owns like 49 percent of Bungie. The 51 percent allows them to be independent.
stage88  +   1092d ago
Not excited because I don't like Halo games but hopefully Bungie can make a shooter which will win me over.
DivineAssault  +   1092d ago
if its a great nx gen game, ill buy a nx box to play it.. But if its just "ok" ill pass on it & stick with PS4.. Bungie made Halo an IP that they wouldnt have survived without so i wont take them lightly.. Hopefully its good & unique... i still dont wanna buy a console for one IP tho so hopefully PS4 gets it too
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1092d ago
In the Activision Bungie MS agreements there is a clause that MS has firdt rignt of refusal to keep the game off competitors console. Im thinking id the game is big as Halo and sales are off the charts then MS may activate that clause and makenit a brand new IP exclusive.
RuleofOne343  +   1092d ago
I like that clause, it make the hair on the back of my neck stand with excitement.
lovegames718  +   1092d ago
Res to Septic....

You got lame fanboy written all over you lol You sure put me in my place telling me what im thinking lol smh (this website is too funny)
Dlacy13g  +   1092d ago
pretty sure this is the pot calling the kettle black. "this isnt thunder its a tsunami that cant be stopped" that sure sounds like bias fanboy speak...just sayin.
Loki86  +   1092d ago
So because it is a 360 exclusive and timed exclusive next gen people are no longer interested or actually saying that this game is just a generic shooter. Grow up kids, not everything goes your way 100% of the time.
FunkMacNasty  +   1092d ago
It's funny.. Here I was thinking N4G was a haven for Sony fanboys, but this article sure has brought the MS fanboys out of hiding. Can't we all, as hardcore gamers, just be happy for next gen news of anykind!?

On topic - I'm looking forward to whatever Bungie announces and will keep a close eye on it.. Never was a big fan of Halo, but Bungie are talented devolpers nonetheless
Evil_Ryu  +   1092d ago
Oh my god imagine the catastrophic affect this would have on Sony's February 20th PS4 release if it was revealed as a Xbox exclusive.

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