The Future of Bungie’s Destiny on Xbox 720 and PS4, Timed Exclusives and the PS Meeting

With Bungie teasing Destiny’s official reveal for Sunday, the Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan discuss what it means if the game is a Xbox 360 and 720 exclusive and why the game is set to be announced 3 days before the PS4.

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Foolsjoker2012d ago

I don't know whether to be excited or not for Destiny.

StrongMan2012d ago

Same here. I may Gamefly it on PS3.

EVILDEAD3602012d ago

Can't wait for this...

Feb 17th will be a great day


shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

According to someone who works at activision it's like halo but bigger world.

I will wait for goty edition on ps4 then.

landog2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )


lol....gamefly what?

used games are going away, same with rentals, all games next gen will come with a code that links it to your console and psn/xbox live id

gamefly will be a digital download site only, see how you can already download pc games on it, they are prepping for the inevitable and sad future of a world without game rentals and without used games

gaikai will be the way you rent games, direct from sony for $10 for 3 days

no more of this $9.99 for as many games as we can mail you

that stuff is going to be in the history books soon, its sad, but true.

RememberThe3572011d ago

@landog: Stop talking like you know whats going to happen. And all we've heard is that MS plans to block used games, that has nothing to do with Sony or Nintendo or anyone else for that matter.

You can't see into the future so stop acting like you know whats coming. We'll see what happens, and deal with it when it does.

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TrendyGamers2012d ago

I wouldn't say I'm excited, but I'm definitely curious to see what Bungie has been up to.

djthechamp242011d ago

shit dude i can tell you right here, just another first person shooter dude aint really nothing that special man

koh2011d ago

I voted "disagree" because in one sentence you said 'man', 'ain't' and 'dude' twice. Also because I'm excited to see what they've been up to, but mostly the 'dude' thing.

shivvy242012d ago

im not excited because i dont even know what the game is , im just curious what their making at the moment

AngelicIceDiamond2012d ago

I certainly am, Bungie created the very popular Halo franchise. And hopefully they can make Destiny just as popular as Halo one day.

Jio2012d ago

Have you seen the concept art?

This game looks amazing!

TronEOL2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

Well we'll find out if we want it or not when they show us some gameplay. Since I'm buying a PS4 in fall (if that IS it's release date), and moving all my game purchasing to that and (already) PC/Steam, I have zero problem waiting until it releases on PS4 or PC.

otherZinc2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

I've told you guys Destiny was exclusives to 360.
Also, Destiny will Never grace the PS3. Destiny 1 may grace the PS4, but not the PS3.

Also, Destiny not making it to the PS3 is not due to a deal with M$ & Activision. Bungie has exclusive rights to Destiny. The reason for 360 exclusitivity is the RAM Limitations of the PS3 to Open World games.

Also, there are only 3 Destiny games being made, And Bungie gets to keep the Destiny IP.

HammadTheBeast2011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )


How come GTA IV and Just Cause run better on PS3?

Also, its never been confirmed that Destiny is coming to 360. Or anything else you wrote for that matter.

DigitalRaptor2006d ago

You told us? Wow, how enlightening.

What is this then? http://www.destinythegame.c...

lol failboy!

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Wedge192012d ago

Hmmm, Interesting. I'm optimistic, but we'll see what the announcement brings.

Legion2012d ago

Worst Photoshop I have ever seen.

Riderz13372012d ago

I really hope this game isn't a time exclusive game for the 360. I fear that if it comes out on the 360 first and later it comes on the PS3, I will lose interest in the game and forget all about it.

Legion2012d ago

" was revealed that the first Destiny game and its first major DLC will be an Xbox 360 and Xbox 720 timed exclusive for Fall 2013. Bungie and Activision then have the “option” to release the game on PS3/PS4 in Fall 2014 if they still wish. The next 3 Destiny games after that would then be multiplatform."

Any speculation after this is just that... speculation. Microsoft is not likely to just give up the exclusive period on the game.

dcbronco2012d ago

I'm pretty sure MS has right of first refusal for a period of time or a set number of games. It was part of the contract to let Bungie go.

Legion2012d ago

I believe you are correct in your thoughts on that.

Everyone wondered why MS allowed Bungie simply to go off on their own after putting so much development into them.

And the simplest answer would be to allow a company to grow on it's own. And set the conditions for it's freedom to it's loyalty to the company that led them into the console market with a bang!

The redevelopment of Halo from a PC oriented RTS game (though it was actually MAC promoted) that ran by the code name of 'Monkey Nuts and Blam!'. It became a launch title and positioned in a way to allow it to be the flagship title which would launch MS into the gaming industry.

The best thing that ever happened to Bungie was the acquisition of it by MS.

And FPS games became a staple on consoles today.

dcbronco2011d ago

Even without right of first refusal Microsoft still made out well when they let Bungie go. They still got to keep Halo. Halo 4 has already sold over 7 million copies. Considering they sell it at $60 and don't charge themselves a royalty fee, they have made several hundred million already. Once they release a few more versions on the next Xbox they will easily hit the billion dollar mark.

TronEOL2012d ago

Which is what will happen if Sony continues the path they've been going. Most PlayStation fans will be busy playing the many expected PS exclusives. But if their game is good enough it'll keep your attention.

Developers need to be more careful with this timed-exclusive stuff. Interest dies after a long period of time like that.

JamieL2011d ago

Not to people who like games and not consoles. Most people do not have this whole "company brain control disorder complex" that's so very prevalent on this site. I do agree with you to an existent, I mean there really is no way to recreate the excitement of the first day launch, but with the right advertisement they could still drum up hype for a later launch on the other console. Some people would be happy it's coming to their console of choice, and they get to play it. I guess my main point is no matter when, or how a good game comes out on a platform, someone who truly enjoys games would be happy to play it. The whole “Company Loyalty” thing, that is the foundation of this site really does not apply to the masses.

DwightOwen2012d ago

With Activision pulling Bungie's strings, I'm not so excited about their new project. Maybe they'll prove me wrong.

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