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Submitted by thenextxbox 1090d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft Wagering Too Much On Kinect With The Next Xbox?

Houston (TheNextXbox) – The next-generation Xbox is getting closer and closer to an official unveiling, and we are starting to learn a lot more about what to expect from the new technology. The next Xbox, according to all of our sources, is going to ship with the new and improved Kinect. This begs the question though, is Microsoft wagering too much of its future on this piece of hardware? (Kinect, Microsoft, Xbox One)

Bagogames  +   1090d ago
Wonder will there be much of a difference in the models?
pangitkqb  +   1090d ago
If the rumors that the Next Xbox can't run games without a Kinect "connection" are true than the answer is an obvious "yes."

Millions of Xbox gamers - like me - didn't buy Kinect for a reason. I have zero interest in Kinect or any kind of motion control. (Nothing against those who enjoy those options, just not my cup-o'-tea.)

Requiring Kinect to play when I don't have any interest in the device is killer for me, especially in light that the console would obviously be cheaper if the peripheral wasn't included with every SKU and required for playing every game.
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BanBrother  +   1090d ago

You got it right. Even if they do offer a bundle without Kinect, the fact is that ALL consoles have been built around the Kinect 2.0, so the price you are paying has been driven up by Kinect 2.0. I highly doubt that Kinect would be its own stand alone device, as that would be severely limiting its power, making it not much of an improvement over the original Kinect.

I don't even know if I care anymore. All these rumours have ruined it for me and I probably won't even get the next Xbox. The Xbox 360 I got in 2008 was my first Xbox console. Happy the first couple of years but then everything is Kinect this, Kinect that.
EVILDEAD360  +   1090d ago
I love that its included. No more buying seperate peripherals.

It's obviously going to better than the original, but the interesting part is that Sony is packing in the new verion of eye and Move with every PS4 as well.

IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1090d ago
This Kinect-less 720 console, yet needing a Kinect to even really be playable... is just like the ignorant maneuver MS pulled with the 4gig Slim 360!
dcbronco  +   1090d ago
Actually it's more like the arrogant move Sony pulled with Blu-ray. People paid $600 for a console that could have been $400.

The reality is the next Xbox was going to be $400 no matter what. So Microsoft is only cutting into their profits. Contrary to what people believe, these machine will not cost as much to make as people think. A lot has changed since 2005. CPUs are cheaper to make and so are GPUs. Plus they will most likely be on the same die which cuts cost almost in half.

The perception of the cost of these consoles will be like the perception of the cost of Kinect before launch. People thought it was going to be over $200. Turns out the parts cost $56. APUs and really small die sizes will make these consoles sell at a profit at launch.

As for Kinect, people need to let go of the idea that it is only for casual games. The rumors of 3gbs of RAM being for Kinect and the OS sounds like a lot more than casual games. And considering their complaints about USB in the 360 Microsoft always wanted more from Kinect. Kinect will be used a lot more for hardcore games.
NukaCola  +   1090d ago
Kinect 2.0 with the next Xbox is a good choice as it will be easier for integration as a part of the core package,. However if Kinect is their focus then problems will be there. Kinect is an add-on if everyone else isn't on board. That means that every multiplat game could be hindered by the forced need of Kinect. It hurts the developers, the gamers of other systems and the Xbox gamers if MS mandates Kinect be the center of development. MS has a lot of rules about their product that has cuased a lot of issues with devs in the past. Kinect off the bat for the nextgen Xbox is fine, but MS should do it up right this time so it's successful without being damaging.
dcbronco  +   1090d ago
The idea that every game will have to use Kinect is being overblown and misinterpreted. I would bet it needs to be part of the system, but not necessarily part of the game. Kinect is just another interface method. More in line, most likely with the future of controls. The future of controllers will probably be more of a hand attachment than a gamepad. And motion controls will be a huge part of that. People need to get over that and start to let go of the past.

The future of controls will be gesture and mind. Even feedback may be based on mental input instead of force-feedback in the future. VR with signals sent directly to brain instead of a controller and a bunch of buttons. The Wii-mote was just a start. Get your heads out of your past.
SilentNegotiator  +   1090d ago
Now wait a minute...We don't even know if they're wagering ANYTHING on Kinect next-gen!
Just_The_Truth  +   1087d ago
They invested too much into the kinect to quit now but they need to let it die. It's a great idea just like the PSEYE but cameras don't work in gaming, both companies proved that. I'd say the same about the move but it actually is fairly accurate and is a controller w/buttons like the wii. Plus Sony said from the beginning it wasn't going to force it on devs and I think that was for the best. Simply, motion controls including the wii were fun while it lasted but we need to get back to focusing on making greAAAt games.
DaThreats  +   1090d ago
Yes and they are doing it now.
LOGICWINS  +   1090d ago
They don't have a choice considering how much they spent to develop/market it.
greenpowerz  +   1090d ago
It's almost like the other side or hit seekers expected MSFT to stop supporting Kinect because they had trashed kinect on forums for years(despite the 30 million owners)

It will be hated until haters have something simular to even up the odds of marketshare/popularity/braggin g rights/cool futuristic tech to play with.

-It comes with the console(so what(better to have it for a number of reason vs buying it later giving added value)

-It's always on(so what(owners can probably have full control of the console no matter if in Non Kinect games, standard games, apps, Kinect games all media features and smartglass/standby/smart glass 720 standby

-Kinect 2 coming with every xbox doesn't mean all games will be full Kinect games or that all games have Kinect ingame functionality(Just console OS control)

-Kinect 2 coming with the 720 and always being on doesn't mean Kinect will be spying on you(you can turn off the camera and set privacy setting to not share video with others online like Kinect 1)

-Kinect 2 having to be on all the time and coming with every 720 doesn't mean MSFT is just trying to force the adoption on you( Kinect 2 might have hardware built into it like processors that the 720 can use/pull power/resouces from when not using other functions and doesn't make sense for MSFT to add boosted power/capability to only kinect owners(leared from spliting capability with the 360 hdd etc)

-Kinect 2 could possibly be part of the 720's main hardware specs/brain and is the reason it comes with every console and ist always needs to be on

-Attacking Kinect and writting articles about it is not going to give Sony the win Next generation nor is pretending there is some huge anti Kinect xbox fan movement against KInect when 90% of the negative talk comes from Sony supporters. The xbox fans that do not suuport Kinect simply don't buy it or use it. No xbox fan wastes time complaining about a peripheral/setting/feature/gam e they don't use/play LMAO

Stop with the hit seeking articles(authors & contributors) trying to fire up anti MSFT fanboys. sheeesh
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The_Infected  +   1090d ago
I guess your a big supporter of Kinect. If it wasn't for MS spending money to make and ship Kinect 2 as a standard imagine where they could've put that money.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1090d ago
What do you mean where they could have put that money? MS is not Sony. MS has more then enough cash to support kinect as well as make new ip's. what you don't understand is that MS have a business plan and that is to make money and not spend 10's of millions on new it's that don't sell.

They have their core titles that they know sell well. Maybe next gen we will see more core titles maybe we won't. I have no problem playing halo, gears, forza and fable next gen and the hundreds of amazing multiplats.

Sony released a lot of new ip's in the last 3 years and most were disappointments sales wise. Why waste money on developing exclusives that don't sell? Just so that the small n4g community is happy? N4G doesn't equal the mass majority of gamers out there.

MS have a business plan and when you compare their earnings to Sony's you can see that their plan is clearly more profitable and caters to what the masses are willing to spend their money on.

So it has nothing to do about MS spending their money on other things instead of kinect, they have more then enough to support kinect as well as spend money on many other things, it's just not apart of their business plan...or maybe it is, we will have to see next gen.
zebramocha  +   1090d ago
@lvl that would be true but they haven't produced a new core ip other Alan wake and rare,that company that made killer instinct,wanted to make new ips and games that the xbox crowed wanted but Ms said no and make kinect games.
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Cueil  +   1090d ago
Rare is like Devin Hester... you throw them a bone every now and then and they get a hit early (Viva Pinata), but then they keep dropping the ball on other things, but they were instrumental in many of the UI changes in the Xbox 360 (still the greatest return man ever) but you start losing trust in someone or a company that keeps screwing up their big releases... so you don't give them much and when you do throw them the ball in the inzone they drop it in a crucial possession that would have won a game and put your team in the playoffs... just saying... it's nice that Rare was making new IPs, but it's likely they didn't pass muster and got canned for that reason.
GribbleGrunger  +   1090d ago
I don't think you realise what the consequences are of supporting such a device so heavily. Business will go to the biggest market, so the more people support Kinect, the more MS will budget for Kinect games. If 360 owners are happy to become the next Wii kids then fair enough, but a lot of my 360 friends are really pizzed off that some 360 owners don't understand that they're destroying the very reason they bought a 360 in the first place. If it does happen and 80% of the content MS put out is Kinect related, then remember it was you who created that market.
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HeavenlySnipes  +   1090d ago
Your first point is terrible. "Having to buy it later on"

I never wanted one in the first place. Shipping one with the console is basically forcing me to buy this shit and drives up the cost
CC-Tron  +   1090d ago
Microsoft isn't forcing you to do anything. If you don't like it buy a PS4. Problem solved. Choices my man. Choices.
insomnium2  +   1090d ago
"because they had trashed kinect on forums for years(despite the 30 million owners) "

OK I stopped reading right there. What in the hell does sales have to do with trashing Kinect on a forum? You see people on a forum talking about videogames tend to be a bit more on the hc-side of things most of the time. HC-gamers on a gaming forum are bound to trash a BS peripheral like Kinect since it offers nothing for them and it even took away resources from hc-games.

It's like they have 2 owwies and they aren't allowed to trash Kinect cause of it's sales to the friggen casual crowd. What the hell kind of twisted logic is that?
mr_kubrick  +   1090d ago
Reading something you wrote 4d ago:

"31 yo here too and PS3 is, was and always will be the best current gen console. So much bang for the buck it's oytrageous to even think otherwise."

31yo and a few hundred bucks do hurt you? OMG, what have u done with your life. Get a real job, guy. On the other hand, who cares what a sony boy thinks in a xbox only thread....

even if MS will give the next xbox completely for FREE you sony guys here on N4G will hate. its your nature.
Lvl_up_gamer  +   1089d ago
"HC-gamers on a gaming forum are bound to trash a BS peripheral like Kinect since it offers nothing for them and it even took away resources from hc-games."

Can you explain exactly HOW Kinect took ANYTHING away from the Hardcore gamers?

How can you prove that MS had a fixed budget and decided to put it towards a Kinect title rather then putting it towards something else?

Please explain.
SilentNegotiator  +   1090d ago
Except Kinect has seen an exponential fall in software sales.

WELL WELL WELL! Look who uses Microsoft's NASDAQ tag (MSFT) to abbreviate! Someone still hopes for a repeat on '99, it seems. Sorry, buddy, MS's stock hasn't seen real growth in over a decade. Try playing games instead of buying shares of which you apparently buy stinkers.
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kenshiro100  +   1090d ago
BlueTemplar  +   1090d ago

People dont hate kinect for the sake of it - instead of falling back on the standard defence of "Oh it sold x amount so it must be great", how about you actually list some quality games that justify its inclusion in the next xbox.

I personally cant think of a single one I'd like to play - I know several people who've had one since launch and they currently have them sat gathering dust alongside their wiis.

Go on, I challenge you - name 3 really good kinect games (and better-with-kinect voice commands crowbarred into games doesnt count)

EDIT: It's been out what 2 years or so now, so naming 3 should be REAL easy.
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BlueTemplar  +   1090d ago
LOL - 2 disagrees but still no games mentioned.

Says it all!
dcbronco  +   1090d ago
Green you definitely bring up a good point on the sharing of specs. I've seen rumors that Kinect will have it's own CPU this time. I wonder if it will be just one more resource for the system to use.

I think MS will still include an APU for BC. Probably just a chip just like the one in the current 360. But instead of it being just for BC, it will also be for anything else that the developer wants to use it for. Same for the Kinect CPU. MS has been doing a lot of work on making one language work on many different architectures. That would lend a the 720 a lot more power than the basic specs might indicate. That and whatever specialized modifications MS adds. That main APU may be sending assignments all over the console to three different CPUs and two different GPUs.
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StrongMan  +   1090d ago
Yes. This is why most hardcore gamers will not buy the next Xbox. Xbox fans are outraged at MS abandoning them. Check the Xbox forums and Major Nelson's Blogger if you don't believe me.
greenpowerz  +   1090d ago
Like the outrage from "xbox" fans in Xbox articles on N4G and other Xbox zones ;)

We know where most of the outrage comes from no matter the location esecially in xbox only zones judging by N4G. I can count on one hand how many times I've read or been in *PS3 only articles* with *no mention of xbox or related news* in the last 6 months


OUCH! a disagree yet most the people in here are known Sony supporters LMAO
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Bathyj  +   1090d ago
You know its too easy for you to just dismiss opinions believing everyone not happy with MS's direction is a Sony fanboy, but many here are just gamers, and want a games console manufacturer to focus on us, not our mothers.

You dont even question this stuff, you just slurp it down like they cant do anything to turn you away. You basically act like no matter what they do, you'll love it.

Not everyone thinks 4 main IP's repeated, are enough. We like new stuff too. New stuff targeted at gamers.

I was quite happy to give Kinect a chance and was excited by the concept but name one single game that makes you say, man I have to go get one of those. Name one game that a hardcore player would say, Ive been wrong about this the whole time. Hell, just name one good game. You cant, there are none.

So go ahead, brush my opinion aside cos I'm known to prefer Playstation, but I supported MS heavily as the new player last gen, and bought alot of games on 360 for the first half of this gen even though Ive had as many RRoD's as you have fingers on one hand, but MS just isnt interest in my business anymore.

I didnt turn my back on them, they turned their back on me.

I'm quite willing to be won back, I'd love it if I had 2 consoles again that were interesting to me, but their pattern of behavior makes this very unlikely.
kenshiro100  +   1090d ago
The fact that you're so insecure about the opinions of others says a lot about you. Obviously someone just can't say anything bad about Kinect before they're accused on being a fanboy.
mr_kubrick  +   1090d ago
@shadowgeist (german huh?)

So he is insecure if he says the truth.
FACT is, this place is completely out of logice because there are millions of Sony-Fanboys. EVERY Xbox-related threads is destroyed.

Just take a look at the Agree/Disagree-Ratio. Everywhere ppl say something good about the Xbox they get way more disagrees.

Its just sad.
BlueTemplar  +   1090d ago
@Bathyj you took the words right out of my mouth!

Your experience is pretty much the exact same as mine - I started this generation as massive xbox fan, but after 5 RRODs and an increasingly stale collection of exclusives I reluctantly ended up buying a PS3.

Since then I honestly dont think ive missed out on anything, and have got to experience some of the best games of this generation - demons souls, and the uncharted series being the most notable examples.
kenshiro100  +   1090d ago
And anyone who says something remotely negative about the 360 gets attacked in the same manner.

Your point?
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Npugz7  +   1090d ago
I'm a xbox guy but because microsoft has been pushing kinect so much on everything Im' going with the PS4 NextGen. Seems like microsoft is pushing us Hardcore Xbox gamers into the background more and more!!
ThanatosDMC  +   1090d ago
Same thing with my best friend and he's a die hard 360 fanboy. He hates the direction MS went from hardcore to casual. But he still refuses to buy a PS3.
DARK WITNESS  +   1090d ago
you are not alone. I have been feeling the same way the past year or two.

I am now at the point I am seriously considering ps4 or the xbox. I really want to just see what sony have done with the new ps4 controller is like. That will be one of the biggest factors that help me make up my mind. everything else is already starting to stack up in sony's favour this time round.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1090d ago
Dancing games and Wii Sports knock offs are all the 360 has to offer... Voice Commands in Dead Space don't qualify as actually playing the game with Kinect and its one of few reasons that don't even qualify for owning a Kinect!

Rise of Nightmares was the 1st and LAST genuine attempt at a hardcore Kinect title, with its dismal sales... it's safe to say MS don't want to invest in anything like that title again!
DebbieDowner   1090d ago | Spam
BitbyDeath  +   1090d ago
MS is going hard for media right now and wants to continue pushing it's own digital content so including Kinect in everybox will make business sense for them. (Think voice commands)

It might not be what gamers want but it may attract different sorts if they can truly pull off an all-in-one type deal.
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IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1090d ago
With the rise in interest in CASUAL iphone/cellphone games and Wii/Kinect casualness... I have a feeling Next Gen the PS4 will be the only console catoring to a soon to be niche market known as the "hardcore" market...

Console gaming as we know it could actually be in the process of dooming itself... us 20 - 30 something age groups are looking to be overshadowed soon enough Im afraid!
ufo8mycat  +   1090d ago
Looks like PS4 the only hardcore platform next gen.
C-Thunder  +   1090d ago
I think we've got a good shot at seeing a lot of hardcore titles for WiiU as well. I'll be getting both, Kinectbox, not so much.
edonus   1090d ago | Spam
Martywren  +   1090d ago
Well kinect is a hot selling device for microsoft; so microsoft will go with anything that makes them big bucks.
sway_z  +   1090d ago
How long will MS zealots defend the indefensible...The core gamer is saying they want games, not tacky gimmicks!

If the Next Box is Kinect-centric, MS will doom themselves...but Xbox fans would rather defend the console to the point of bordering on ridiculous.

I think it's safe to assume PS Move 2.0 will be a side dish to the main course, where MS wants to make Kinect the main course.

I don't care what MS put out, I will not be buying Xbox again...arrogance is how Sony stumbled early PS3, seems MS learned nothing.

You can say its all unfounded rumour at this point, but look at MS track record over the past 2 years to see where it's going.
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giovonni  +   1090d ago
How about waiting to see how it all ties into the system before we assume something is going to fail? The fact is, we have no idea how the integration system works. We just assume its going to be a failure, and most of those assumptions are based upon opinion pieces. I find it some what amusing how people complain about certain specs of a system they don't like, and wasn't planning on getting it in the first place. Even if MS had the most powerful, core centered system next gen there still would be a problem, the system is to big, the color isn't right, the controller is too small, etc.

The fact of the matter is, The gaming industry as a whole is in danger. The state of our economy speaks volumes, yet we are too naive to see the changing of the guard. We haven't taken in the account of The video game industry failing, like the arcades of the 80s because we can't fathom the idea of the very people not supporting the industry out of the necessity to live.
edonus   1090d ago | Spam
giovonni  +   1089d ago
I agree with everything you have said. I'm super tired of the whole hardcore gamer act because they swear they can see the forest beyond the trees. They become experts, and knowing what's best for the industry as a whole (rolls eyes.)
See, I learned this along time ago, The word hardcore gamer is used as a means to build confidence with in their purchase. Notice, the reasoning changes like the weather. You heard the Rhetoric, right? These so called "Hardcore Gamers" are the true cancers to the industry, along side the media

The last time I checked the xbox360 is a hardcore system building a casual market, so I can have gears of war, my kids can have dance revolution and other kinect things, plus navigate with out a controller, why is this all of a sudden a failure?

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