Bagocast: Episode 19 – And We’re Back

So after a long and overdue hiatus, the BagoCast is back. This week the Irish trio talk what they’re playing, top five news articles of the week, and they also present a few reviews from the site and entertain you with their Morgan Freeman facts segment and Story time with Ross. Enjoy.

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flat-9-liner1983d ago

Looking forward to hearing more from these guys

MitchConcannon1983d ago

Well your in luck man. We are recording another one tomorrow and will be up tomorrow evening. Stay tuned. You have my word. More story, more banter and less bad audio.

flat-9-liner1983d ago

looking forward to hearing it, very funny

xursz1983d ago

Welcome back guys. Best of luck to the show. And no more shills, cool? Who am I kidding. @[email protected]

Orangeandwhite1983d ago

Honestly, i would prefer to have all banter all the time.

Orangeandwhite1983d ago

It's about time we got the bagocast back. I know Mitch will do a good job of keeping things appropriately racist.

Idonny1983d ago

I listened to earlier. I was tears at the part when your man was in the hospital pretending to be a rooster. I hope you get super powers someday dude.

liberator231983d ago

Super powers would be pretty sweet. And it would probably make for some very interesting news articles ;)

TheInterview1983d ago

Great to have the show back. Look forward to the next one!

Bagogames1983d ago

Stick around. Episode 20 is going up tomorrow. Won't be as long since it's the mid week podcast. The ones that go up at the weekend are the one's you won't want to miss.

liberator231983d ago

Great work as always! Thanks for being so awesome BagoGames!

CDMoore1983d ago

Yay, I look forward to this every week. Well, now I'm waiting on the next one. Thanks guys!

grind1983d ago

giant vaginas lol !!!!!!!! win