CoD: Black Ops 2 up for Game Innovation Award

BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) has nominated Call of Duty:Black Ops 2 for the Game Innovation award.

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bwazy1928d ago

relevant username is relevant.

Septic1928d ago

I actually enjoy BO2 but even I think this is ridiculous. Yes, direct streaming to TwitchTV is a great FEATURE but it isn't necessarily an innovation.

Its a sad state of affairs that COD continues to eclipse the likes of The Journey and other more innovative games not only in sales but in the accolades they receive.

Well, at least we know better right?

Blank1928d ago

Yeah my reaction exactly aside me spitting out water at my screen in shock and it wasnt on accident either....

donman11928d ago

Up for what... hahahaha.. drinking alcohol and typing often produce nonsense like this. If there was an award for the best franchise for cheaters, poor hit detection etc then yes... COD takes the number 1 spot here.

Root1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )



Wow, that's awards out of the gaming community who don't have a clue about games just go for whats "hot" not whats actually right

GuyThatPlaysGames1928d ago

I guess it's innovative in the way it has the bullets that shoot around corners lol

SkullBlade1691928d ago

Nah, Resistance: Fall of Man had that earlier.

OneAboveAll1928d ago

This is a sign of the end times i'm sure of it.

Jadedz1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Single player mode has multiple choice scenarios, the boss is a bad***, and there's different high tech weapons and such (remember the invisible suit, gravity gloves, and the flying squirrel suit?). They let you ride on a horse for gosh sakes (women love their ponies)!

They have bots, (which is a blessing, and I believe every shooter should have) and online play is enjoyable.

Treyarch deserves to be recognized for their efforts.

SolidDuck1928d ago

No it was a copy and paste effort at best.

RTheRebel1928d ago

wha wha di did you mean that????

Baka-akaB1928d ago

Funny thing is none of the things you mentioned were new , so no they dont deserve that particular recognition

cleverusername1928d ago

Come into the light...broaden your gaming horizons!!!

Jadedz1928d ago

Let's agree to disagree.

I just enjoy Blk ops 2 on the Wii U a lot (mostly because of the off-TV play feature).

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The story is too old to be commented.