Aliens: Colonial Marines | Geekenstein Review

"Now, I am not a man of God. But if I were, I would believe that he was punishing the Aliens fans that actually care about the franchise and want it to succeed. Damn near every Aliens game ever released has been incredibly average at best, and never truly did the franchise justice. When I first heard about Aliens: Colonial Marines, I truly believed this would be the game to put Aliens in the positive spotlight it deserves. The promise of original voice actors, RPG elements, and being called a true sequel to James Cameron’s Aliens got me excited for Colonial Marines. Little did I know that they would also contribute to its downfall.

I went into Aliens: Colonial Marines optimistic. I knew it had a good chance at repeating the tread of previous Aliens games, but I had faith. Everything I’ve seen of the game up until the point of playing it made the game look like the Holy Grail. Marketing done right? More like false advertising."

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