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GameStop: Wii U needs blockbuster to spark sales

GS:The Wii U has failed to match the sales pace of its original Wii predecessor for a "variety" of reasons, GameStop CFO Rob Lloyd said today, noting that a lack of major first-party titles is just one of the factors. (Wii U)

MegaLagann  +   795d ago
Hmm, maybe a 3D Mario or Mario Kart. Hmm- oh! Maybe Zelda or Smash Brothers! Those could really boast Wii U sales! But damnit, those games are never going to come. Guess Nintendo is doomed....oh wait
Bigkurz85  +   794d ago
Except that by the time these games come, consumers and 3rd party studios will probably have given up already.

Also, I love that now it's all about a "3D" mario game. Everyone used to just say "Mario game," but since that hasn't saved the Wii U now its "No no, we meant a 3D mario!"

Look, I'm a Nintendo fan. I've had almost all their systems (No Gamecube) and love their first party games. But I just can't get myself to buy a Wii U, and it seems like most gamers agree.

The Wii U is in trouble. Only the most blind don't see it.


The Wii U crowd is starting to sound like the Vita crowd (BTW, i have a Vita and love it). But the argument is the same:

"Just wait for X game, that'll be a blockbuster and the system will start selling like crazy."

Well guess what? Wii U has a Mario game. Wii U has Nintendoland (don't tell me that's irrelevant.. Wii sports single-handedly sold a ton of Wiis). Wii U has major titles like Mass Effect 3 and Arkham City and Black Ops 2. As each new major game comes out, maybe people will see the truth.

The Vita crowd still says "Wait for a BIG game!" Except that Vita has had releases for Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Call of Duty (albeit a poor game), Resistance, Wipeout, Madden, MLB The Show, etc. It's not like the Vita has no games. People just dont want them.
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Jobesy  +   794d ago
Dude! Just wait till Killzone comes out! Lol, just kidding, I have a Vita too and agree.
Trago1337  +   794d ago
it's interesting that you say that, considering Mario Kart sells A LOT.

The Wii U in my opinion is looking a lot like the 3ds when it first started out.

-Lukewarm Launch line up

-Third party games being cancelled for it

-Doom and gloom articles by the dozens

Sound Familiar? And the Wii U's getting a Zelda remake, Mario Kart, 3D Mario game, and a ton of other exclusives, Just like the 3ds did lol.

Once those games come out, the Wii U will do just fine.
Bigkurz85  +   794d ago
Except that none of the marquee games are even remotely close to coming) out and Nintendo has said no wii u price drop
rainslacker  +   794d ago
I don't think one major game will "save" the system. Systems tend to do better when they offer a wide variety of software. I don't think the Wii U is doomed by any means, but I will admit that it's 3rd party support has me worried about it's long term viability. I like the system itself, but publishers aren't taking much notice. It's not much different than the gamecube days when 3rd party support trailed off, it's just happening sooner with the Wii U.

As far as Vita, mostly what I see is people not saying "wait till X comes out", but rather that "Games are already there", at least of late. Vita is in much the same boat, but has a tougher battle, mostly because of it's mobile market focus. I wouldn't be surprised if the Vita becomes a niche machine, much like the PSP did. There is already a lot of interest in it from JRPG makers. The current catalog is pretty good though, and has a lot to offer. Why people don't want one is subjective, but I think that comes down more to Sony marketing than the actual merits of the system.
3-4-5  +   794d ago
exactly...The million + selling Games will be available late 2013 and into 2014.

3D Super Mario U = Easily 2+ million sold

Mario Kart U = 1 Million + sold

Legend of Zelda U - 3-5 Million + sold

LoZ WW HD - 1,000,000 + sold

Super Smash Brothers = 5 Million + sold
- Also will be responsible for over 1 million console sales as well. By itself.
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Those games have come 1000 times over.
bullymangLer  +   795d ago
and the blockbusterisitie is almost here. this years E3 is gonna be what last years E3 was supposed to for Nintendo . ... .
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deafdani  +   795d ago
What does blockbusterisitie mean? 0_o
bullymangLer  +   795d ago
Blockbusterisitie = the past tense of blockbuster. and or the pertaining of blockbusters :/
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ElectricKaibutsu  +   795d ago
Breaking news from Gamespot! People buy consoles to play games!
deafdani  +   795d ago
Lies! LIES I SAY!!!
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   794d ago
IT'S UNNATURAL! People fiddling with their dual analogues... UNNATURAL!

Video game consoles are meant for Netflix.

"Funny" @ Electric & Deaf
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wiiulee  +   794d ago
lol..what was wiiu suppose to sell 100 million in the first two months..thats silly....so maybe gamestop should stop selling ps3's and psvita's then...since thats what haters are saying with this silly article...
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   794d ago
Once pikmin 3 comes out the Wii U gonna start doing better numbers
TheEnigma313  +   794d ago
I wouldn't really call that a system seller.
Bigkurz85  +   794d ago

Because if a highly rated / "Perhaps the best 2d mario since Super Mario World!" Mario game doesn't sell systems, Pikmin 3 will do the trick!
ApolloTheBoss  +   794d ago
They just need some big time games to be released. You know, the ones that just make you want to get up and buy a WiiU. I honestly think they should have had some better launch titles.
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xBigxBossx  +   794d ago
Wii U needs Zelda. Fact
sashimi  +   794d ago
That will take ages...and i mean one that isn't a remake. My friend would buy one for Twilight princess remake though lol
xBigxBossx  +   793d ago
Tis is true. Nintendo should have had Zelda as a launch title. Instead they are still testing art styles :(
edonus  +   794d ago
I couldn't agree more.

They just need to make sure it's out before the Ps4 or nextbox shows something that they can't match.
danny818  +   794d ago
And by blockbuster you mean call of duty? O noooo, a platformjng Mario game. Im sorry but these games are system sellers. Did a good job at launch. Now theres a need for change with the wiiU. I've said this before and i stand behind it. That gaming pad doesnt appeal to the casual. I havent tried it, but it looks to funky to game on.
USMC_POLICE  +   794d ago
Lego city I have two friends getting a Wii u with their tax returns after I showed them the trailers.
Summons75  +   794d ago
And GameStop needs to give better trade offers and prices to speak interest in their dying company.

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