With $7.7M raised, Chris Roberts makes his sci-fi game in the public eye (interview)

Chris Roberts is under a lot of pressure to get Star Citizen right. The new massively multiplayer online sci-fi title from the creator of the legendary Wing Commander sci-fi spaceship combat games raised $7.7 million via crowdfunding on the promise of bringing back the glory days of science fiction combat simulations in a persistent online universe.

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SybaRat1592d ago

Oooooo...permadeath! That makes all three of my nipples tingle.

ThanatosDMC1592d ago

HAHHAH! Best comment i've read today. Bubbles for you!

pandehz1592d ago

and the game will permadie

Letros1592d ago

The ultimate video game here

modesign1592d ago

this game will either ninja itself a release date and surprise everyone, or it will never see the end of the tunnel and will always be a mutli million dollar project.

Ultr1592d ago

I loved freelancer! such an awesome game, also I got highest grad at school when we had to know all american states, waters and mountains, just because of Freelancer!!

Conzul1589d ago

Freelancer kicked ass