GameStop: 60% of consumers will refuse to buy a console if it doesn't play used games

GameStop's CFO said today that 60% of consumers would refuse to buy a next-gen console if it didn't have the ability to play used video games.

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LOGICWINS1833d ago

Bull. If consoles stopped playing used games, nothing would change besides the fact that keyboard warriors would create dozens of petitions to boycott next-gen consoles...and we all know how well Internet petitions work :)

Jobesy1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Speak for yourself, I WOULD NOT by a console if it didn't play used/rental/borrowed games. Gaming is only one of my hobbies, I have others to fall back on. Because of Blockbuster, Gamefly and the used market I got to play EVERY PS2 game I wanted, and so far most of the PS3 games on my list. I buy games, when I can from devs that deserve a sale, but thats part of the problem, a lot of devs and publishers dont deserve sales. They hype up games that are garbage, ship broken games and kill good franchises. I'm not going to spend my money just to be disappointed, been there done that too many times.

LOGICWINS1832d ago

Ud still be in the minority.

Gamer19821832d ago

Yep nobody would stop buying a console thanks to no used games. Its like the upraor with ps3 and no backwards compatibility. They finally shut up and just used it as ammo for the 360 which didnt play every xbox game.. (not that there was many to play)

nrvalleytime1833d ago

And 100% of people will stop shopping at GameStop.

LOGICWINS1833d ago

"And 100% of people will stop shopping at GameStop"

Obvs. There wouldn't be a Gamestop to go to lol.

nrvalleytime1833d ago

Haha that was the logic behind my statement.

LOGICWINS1833d ago

Ah yes, that flew right past my head lol

nrvalleytime1833d ago

Haha no worries man. I was thinking my statement could have been clearer.

Kamikaze1351833d ago

Of course Gamestop would say that.

DivineAssault 1833d ago

I'll still buy it cuz I want the opportunity to play all the new AAA titles but ill episode off & won't be in any rush to get it

Canary1833d ago

I'm sick to death of having to lower my standards with each passing year.

If the rumors about the next gen 360 and PS3 pan out, I won't be bothering with either. Being able to play used-games is a must-have "feature." Hell, it's not a feature--it's a basic, fundamental requirement.

And you know what else is?

Backwards compatibility.
And not having superfluous online fees.
And not having advertisements embedded in the UI.
And being able to back-up game saves.
And being able to play media off USB devices.

Remember when the PS3 launched back in 2005? God, that was a thing of beauty. I want the next generation to be a sequel to THAT, not a sequel to the mess we've got now.

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The story is too old to be commented.