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Submitted by Phil32 1094d ago | opinion piece

Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn't Worry About the Wii U's Future

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Put away the daggers, put away the pitchforks, put away the swords, and put away any other pointy object you might possess. You probably see this piece as simply another "doom and gloom" Wii U article. However, we here at SuperPhillip Central have a love for the system. However, it's quite disingenuous to deny that the system's current path makes its upcoming future seem bright and rosy. On the flip side, it's quite silly to say that the Wii U is a failure so quickly. Perhaps the only failure is how quickly people board the negativity bandwagon without thinking rationally.

This piece notes some of the reasons that the Wii U's recent woes should and should not alarm you. Perhaps alarm is too much hyperbole. I should say that the system's woes should at the very least concern you, especially if you banking on Nintendo to do well this console generation. I am not saying that the Wii U is going to fail, nor am I saying it will succeed. I am simply noting reasons why some may or may not be worried about the system's future." (Nintendo, Wii U)

Dylila  +   1094d ago
its because i have a ps3 and a xbox 360. ill also get the ps4 on launch day so i dont care about the future of the wii u.
bullymangLer  +   1094d ago
are you worried? . why would anyone worry over the future of nintendo, sony, or microsoft?? . . why these articLes. why me?? ?
Phil32  +   1094d ago
The article isn't asking about the future of Nintendo or any company. The article is clearly talking about the future of the Wii U, which people who own one or are interested in getting good games care about. Not that difficult.

Thanks for clearly not reading and wasting both of our time. As for why you, because God needed a punchline.
bullymangLer  +   1094d ago
you are easily worried :/
RFornillos4  +   1094d ago
but you do care! otherwise, why would you spend a few minutes of your time each day to comment on articles regarding the Wii U. sometimes even lengthy comments.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   1094d ago
Because people said the DS would fail and there was tons of doom and gloom after its launch.

Because people said the 3DS would fail and there was tons of doom and gloom after its launch.

Because people said the Wii would fail and there was tons of doom and gloom after its launch.
thezeldadoth  +   1094d ago
cuz it doesnt have teh power of teh cell. and sony isnt a business it is a non profit organization who does things only for the benefit of n4g fans.
DebbieDowner   1094d ago | Spam
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1094d ago
"Funny" @ thezeldadoth
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1094d ago
"Well Said" @ MultiConsole-
Psychotica  +   1094d ago
Because there are more important things?
brave27heart  +   1094d ago
I dont think a console can "fail" within its first two years. Will the Wii U hit Nintendo sales targets? No. Will it still sell millions? Of course. And a couple of years down the line when the price is around the £150 mark people will pick it up as their second console.
imXify  +   1094d ago
Patience is teh key.
wiiulee  +   1094d ago
i absolutely see no reasons to worry as wiiu is the only next generation system that is going to be unique and its already facing its bugs and issues early and perfecting them...and ps4 and xboxnext graphics will not be a giant leave over wiiu no matter how fanboys try to spin nintendo just need to get the games out
Tomy12345  +   1094d ago
Loops u peed in ur pants..... FaG
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rataranian  +   1094d ago
Because Mario and Zelda sales crush everything? Or Nintendo handhelds are like gold in Japan? Idk..they dont even need wiiU to make money. It's just there.
D2K  +   1094d ago
Here are a few reasons I came up with. This is a long post so if if you don't feel like reading scroll past please.

1st gen - Nintendo Color TV Game
2nd gen - Atari 2600
3rd gen - NES
4th gen - SNES
5th gen - PS1
6th gen - PS2
7th gen - Wii

What do they all have in common? One, they all appealed to both the casual and core gamers. Two, they all were weaker or the weakest of their generations.

1st gen - Magnavox Odyessy I
2nd gen - Atari 5200
3rd gen - Atari 7800
4th gen - NEO-GEO
5th gen - N64
6th gen - XBOX
7th gen - PS3

What do they all have in common. One, they were very expensive to buy and develop for. Two, (save for Odyssey) they only focused on the core by pushing horsepower rather than gameplay and innovation. Three, they were all either very powerful or the most powerful of their generation.

Despite rumors and incorrect analysis of the Wii U's hardware by some, the console is more powerful than people think. Despite that, it still will get run over in terms of sheer horsepower by the PS4 and 720. Weak consoles or less powerful consoles ALWAYS WIN and most powerful ALWAYS LOSE. Period. This is a matter of historical fact and well as common knowledge to those whom bother to research such things. In the 7th gen you have the Wii which is definitely more powerful than any console of the 6th gen, but FAR behind the PS3 in power. Does it matter? Nope. The Wii is at 100 million console sold and counting and the PS3 is 25-30 million behind.
Now just because it s behind doesn't mean the PS3 was a failure. Despite all eh issues at the beginning and the MASSIVE losses Sony took on the console, to have 70+ million sold at this point is very good. Its to bad that it took 5 years for it to turn a profit and what ever surplus it makes has to be used to bail Sony out of the red in their other divisions.
D2K  +   1094d ago
Another reason. People have made a big deal over the Wii U's sales or lack there-of. Less deal for a second or two on a subject that is taboo in today's society. Now, I don't want to frighten anyone. If you are squeamish now is your time to back out.....

...okay. The subject I want to deal with is called,


I'll give you an illustration of how it is applied. You see, during the holidays is traditional in this country to buy gifts for your loved ones for Christmas. IT is also traditional to travel, spend money on food for guests, spend money on parties for New Year's, etc, etc, etc. It stands to reason that a lot of people will spend quite a bit of money in this time frame on video games for friends, family members, or even children. Now most people wind up spending more than they make or having in the bank. So when the new year comes they are........*ahem* BROKE!

I know, know. It was a shock to me too when I came across this revelation. Not only that, people usually STAY broke until they receive their tax returns in which they can catch back up on bills. This has happened even single year for the nearly 40 year history of console gaming. It is amazing that even today in 2013 it is still such an enigma to some people.

OF COURSE WII U CONSOLE SALES HAVE SLOWED DOWN!!! Sheesh. Sales had slowed down for everything. Is this a problem for the Wii U? Nope. In 2 months time the Wii U has sold approximately 3 million units. Sounds like a lot right? Not according to the media. They look at 3 million units sold in less than 60 days as a failure. Not as just 'okay,' but a FAILURE. Well let's invoke that common sense clause again shall we?

The PS3. At the same point in time the PS3 had sold 1,870,000 units.

The XBOX 360 - 2,020,000 units

So the Wii U has sold more in the same amount of time as the XBOX 360 and the PS3. In fact, it has sold more in less time. In December alone the Wii U sold nearly 1.7 million units. The is nearly twice the amount sold by the 360 and PS3 in the first December of their life-cycle managing about 850,000 a piece, or the sales of the 360 and PS3 in December of their first year COMBINED.

The PS2. Best selling console of ALL TIME at 153 million units. It took 5 months for the PS2 to reach 3 million consoles sold. The Wii U did it in less than 60 full retail days.
D2K  +   1094d ago
Last reason. This is just pure speculation on my part based on available information.

Nintendo never does anything happenstance. There is a reason why they do everything. The Nintendo Direct on January 23rd they revealed a lot of information about games we already knew were coming, and games that we didn't know ere coming. Some may chalk it up to Iwata sweating a little bit as he just came off having to tell investors about the second-consecutive fiscal net-loss as a company for Nintendo which is unheard of, but I chalk it up as that Nintendo has something up their sleeve.

It is very unorthodox for Nintendo to announce so many games BEFORE E3. They like to keep their cards close to the vest and surprise people. A new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Yoshi, Zelda, Windwaker remake all announced on a measly Nintendo Direct? Either these games will be so amazing looking that they won't need to show anything else at E3 but that, or, they still have a lot MORE to show us at E3 that no one knows about. Think about it. We still haven't seen Miyamoto's new IP. We still haven't seen Retro Studios game. There are a lot of 3rd party games that we have not heard anything about yet that we know are in development. Granted there are a lot of multiplat that are seemingly being cancelled for the Wii U on a daily basis, but who knows. Maybe these companies are tried of the same thing and are going to use the Wii U to showcase new ideas and concepts that they are working on? Who knows?

Going back to the new Mario game announcement. That to me raised my eyebrow higher than The Rock's. Mario is Nintendo's cash cow and people will buy it just because Mario is on the cover. They announced it in a "Oh, BTW we got a Mario game too" kind of fashion. Those of you blessed enough to have seen or played Super Mario Galaxy on the Dolphin EMU know that simply upscaled to 1080p resolution it looks as good if not better than any game of it's kind on the 360 and PS3. So the notion of possibly a Super Mario Galaxy built from the ground up on Wii U hardware is mouth-watering even if it is just a direct sequel.

Mario will always be Nintendo's mascot and nothing will every change that, but something tells me that Nintendo may be planning to unveil a new franchise character. A character stronger enough that will allow Mario to take a much needed vacation. It could coincide with the new IP Miyamoto is working on. I'm just reaching but where there is smoke a lot of times there is fire.

Suffice it to say that recent history and distant history prove that the Wii U will do just fine. Nintendo has made some mistakes yes. Not giving developers a better understanding on the architecture of the Wii U hardware so that they can tap into the real power it has is their fault. You can't blame people dolng hardware teardowns or developers for calling the Wii U a 'weak' console if you don't explain to them how your custom modifications make the Wii U a powerful next-gen console without the bulk or resource-hogging of straight up off-the-shelf parts. People are lazy, people are stupid, and they certainly aren't going to use common sense. So you will have to do a better job of showing them.

I guarantee that once someone see from a studio that actually knows how to follow directions a 3rd-party game built from the ground up on the Wii U the game will change. People are still gonna hate on the Wii U no matter what until it becomes more cool to hate one something else. I think that in the long run, the Wii U will be fine. It may not win this gen, in my humble opinion it already is on track to be a success.

Thank you for your patience. :)
Fierce Musashi  +   1094d ago
Wow, this should have been an article. A hell of a lot better than these hit-fishing hit pieces lately.

Very well said.
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wiium64  +   1094d ago
another reason we nintendo fans don't have to worry, yeah, with sales like this for the wii, when mario 3d, zelda, smash bros, mario kart, and the X game come out, the millions of nintendo loyalists will start buying and buying these great games.
ChickeyCantor  +   1093d ago
Every generation it's the same sh** over and over. It's a different tune still the same BS.

It's like no one learns from their fanboyism in previous generations. I'm not sure if it's a batch of new gamers or just old stubborn people who can't seem to realize that their hypocrisy is reset with every new console.

Soon when the next xbox and PS4 hits people will go on and on about "Hardware this, hardware that". Video comparisons where nuances are the highlights of every fanboy argument. Eventhough the games will just look identical.

It's tiresome and in itself completely childish. I get it that someone can be passionate about their hobby.But instead of worrying, just enjoy the games.

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