Could the Rumoured Features on the Next X-Box Be That Bad?

Simon looks at all the latest rumours surrounding Microsoft's next flagship console and weighs up whether or not the rumours are good or bad.

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Abash1979d ago

It's possible, the people currently in charge of the Xbox division aren't the same ones who were around the first years of the Xbox 360's life-cycle. I dont like the direction that Xbox has going the past several years so Im very skeptical of the new Xbox console

StrongMan1979d ago

Agreed. MS have completely shifted focus 100% to the casuals and completely abandoned the hardcore so your skepticism is we warranted and sound.

For me to be interested in the next Xbox I'll have to see focus back on the hardcore and not talking just more Halo and Gears.

stage881978d ago

As it stands from everything that's been rumoured, I'm not interested in the slightest. It's just not for me.

Remember I said rumoured.

mr_kubrick1978d ago

Lets face it, WeakMan, as a Sony-Fanboy you will NEVER EVER buy a Xbox. Dont even try to make it look as if u would.

CalvinKlein1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

ahah wishful thinking and keep convincing yourself. Last I heard the great sony is copying kinnect 2 but with worse tech, Im sure to you that is "So hardcore" tho

FunkMacNasty1978d ago

Strongman is BACK, spewing drivel about Xbox. Big surprise.

I'm waiting for the day when you have anything useful to say in an Xbox thread.

zeee1977d ago

I find some rumors too hard to swallow. Especially the one that says you'll need to have Kinect hooked up all the time and that you'll have to be online too to play your games.

I swear if Sony and/or MS try to pull this, I'll quit consoles altogether and move to PC.

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wishingW3L1979d ago

who knows... That's why they are rumors.

greenpowerz1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

Kind of a stupid question to ask. Many haters dismiss the rumored specs that show the 720 being more powerful than PS4 and only believe the negative ones showing how MSFT messed up and how it's not as strong as PS4.

The latestest and first rumors are not even talked about in this article really and any other circles with heavy amounts of PS3 fanboy populations. Just the ones that were made up to spin the most credible romurs and the wild PS4 rumors made up in a damage control effort.

He just talks about PS3 fanboys talking points.


-PS is always more powerful No matter what, despite reality

-KInect sucks because Sony doesn't have anything on par

-MSFT cant have Blu ray, that's Sony's

-MSFT only supports Kinect now because saying it alot will make people hate xbox, but really mad I don't have it.

-XBL has too many online content features(APPS) ETC because Sony doesn't do the same with the same level of OS intergration

-PS3 is more powerful because the static linear games with no or tacked on social features, QTE styles, fixed camers games look better than than massive games with co-op, more open worlds with much more going on at once doesn't look as good as linear exclusives.

-MSFT has no games because I'm really mad that MSFT was favored with with 3rd party developers this gen So I mention exclusives because Sony has that over MSFT even though it's mostly delayed games from years past and shovelware.

-I keep wanting to mention how PS3 is more powerful to condition gamers in agreeing using my linear lineup as proof even though even some third party games with massive worlds and are packed with resource hungry features look better but as long as they're not 360 exclusive I can keep saying PS3 is more powerful because they're not 360 exclusives even though they run and look better on 360.

-I will keep saying this through out next gen too in hopes people will be just as blind and loyal.

Bathyj1978d ago

You try waaaaaaaaay to hard dude.

mr_kubrick1978d ago

At least he tries to argue...although its hopeless with 99,8% Sony-Boys on N4G.

Knight_Crawler1978d ago

Whats wrong did he hurt your little feeling?

Why do you PS3 fanatics always come to Xbox related articles and try to downplay it.

Urusernamesucks1978d ago

Thats all you gotta say?, no counter proof or anything

lol! well i guess hes right!!

Usualy when a fanboy resorts to trolling and saying "Your obviosuly an Xbox fanboi", "Can you belive this bs" or" you try way too hard" it means hes in denial. lmao you people.

Ares84HU1978d ago

Do you actually believe the dumb BS that you wrote down here????

Kurt Russell1978d ago

Yeah... because THEY'RE the fanboys :/

Karpetburnz1978d ago

Clearly youre a Xbox fanboy.

stage881977d ago


Stop moaning and get a PS3. From that wall of text it's obvious that you're raging with jealousy. They're not even that expensive anymore. Sheesh.

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Lvl_up_gamer1979d ago (Edited 1979d ago )

From the rumoured specs I have read, MS console is more powerful. I guess people on n4g are still thinking that ps4's off the shelf parts will be more powerful then MS custom GPU's.

Only the ignorant think The ps4 is more powerful.

Gonna be a lot of angry and upset Sony fanboys on this site when MS announces the next Xbox is revealed and developers come out and admit the next Xbox is not only a more powerful console but once again easier to develop on.

koh1979d ago

You openly admit the specs are just rumors, then you call everyone who disagrees with you ignorant. Brilliant stuff there. Why can't obnoxious fanboys at least wait until a SINGLE confirmed detail is released before getting on their soap box?

Statix1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Only fanboy I see around here is you.

Most of the legitimate-sounding rumors and leaked specs indicate that the PS4 will have a sizable proccessing advantage over the Xbox 720. Where have you heard that the 360 will have a "custom GPU?" All the leaked specs indicate that both consoles will use off-the-shelf parts (8-core AMD CPU, and AMD GPU).

It's going to be funny to see a sad, pathetic fanboy like you being forced to cling to a console with inferior hardware for the next 6+ years.

Karpetburnz1978d ago

Which rumours said the NextBox will be more powerful? pretty much every rumour is suggesting the PS4 will have more power, and since theyre both rumoured to use off the shelf parts, both will be easy to develop for.

Lvl_up_gamer1976d ago

Only some media outlets are saying the PS4 is more powerful. Those are from the outlets that don't understand what a custom APU is.

The gaming media just regurgitate what they read from 1 site and then spew it to get hits.

Other sites say the very opposite. Sites that actually KNOW what they are talking about.


The PS4 is just off the shelf parts. It's a mid-range PC. MS is using custom APU's so the not only will the console be just as powerful as the PS4, but it will be much more efficient doing the same work as the PS4 but using much less stress.

Sony couldn't afford R&D for the PS4, that is why there is no custom components within the PS4 like they did with the CELL. MS have plenty of money for R&D and have been working on custom APU's for awhile.

It's the "secret sauce" that keeps getting overlooked by other journalists because they don't know what it is or understand it. It's still too new of technology for consoles.

You will see soon enough when the next gen starts and MS announce the 720 and the developers come out of the woodwork saying the 720 is the better overall system.

1979d ago
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