X360 vs. PS3: The Bourne Conspiracy

Gameplayer has seen and played both games side-by-side and this article tells the tale.

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InMyOpinion3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Good news for PS3 owners. Your version gets to be identical to the 360 version, except for rumble and achievements. Who knows, they might have some wild SixAxis motion sensing going on? =)

sonarus3915d ago

cnt believe devs dnt use dualshock standard. Most of the games i have support dualshock 3 except for cod4. warhawk supports it too and dualshock is coming in april so its not really an issue

power of Green 3915d ago

Going to get the game buts its not stellar graphically.

Blademask3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

Playing games on the PS3 isn't rolling the dice for hardware failure.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3915d ago

Don't forget cross game chat

Bazookajoe_833915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

But then they have to do it in a good way ala hevenly sword =) Rumble will probably come later. I dont realy miss it, but it would be nice with some extra weight to the ps3 controller. Hopefully some cool home implements too =)

Bubble Buddy3915d ago

Come on make this game good pls High Moon Studios :). Anyone know if there is online for it?

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sonarus3915d ago

the significance of UT3 coming to ps3 first was beyond mods. It was so that epic could tackle those ps3 UE3 issues being the creators of the engine. Since they share their code with UE3 licensees it makes it easier for devs to tackle on ps3 now. This is the real reason UT3 already worked well on 360 because devs already had gears of war code to look at to see how epic tackled the issues. I am sure this is also why dark sector eventually smoothed out on th os3 . Now UE3 on ps3 is automatically easier to manage so kudos to epic

tweaker3915d ago

I can guarantee you that this game is DualShock3 compatible. All currently released and future titles support rumble.

belal3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

is DUALSHOCK3 coming to EU in april?

ar3915d ago

Even if it does it's still cheaper to order it from Japan.

jackdoe3915d ago

Japan is $60. US is $55. Cheaper in the US, cheaper to import it from the US(the dollar is depreciating right now compared to other first world countries).

brothersimon3915d ago

360 is better version?

oh, surprise :)

PMR_213915d ago

xbot, you're console is already being pwned in terms of sales worldwide...


suck it

Sony sucks balls3915d ago

So how does that affect the fact that the 360 version is looking better ? All that proves is theres no games for you to be happy about so your happy Sony is selling more consoles witch doesn't help you unless you have stock in Sony and by the sound of your post you don't so uh.....yeah.

leon763915d ago

Ahahahah who cares, you??? Go buy the crap game.....

AngryTypingGuy3915d ago

@ PMR 21 - "xbot, you're console is already being pwned in terms of sales worldwide... "

So what you're saying is that how quickly a console sells determines its quality? The PS3 can sell 10X as fast, but that won't make its games look better and run smoother than the 360's. Sorry buddy.

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The story is too old to be commented.