Sony Gets Its Brawl On, Half-Heartily

Ah Sony, Microsoft and Bizarre Creations release Geometry Wars and you release the Pixel Junk Shooter series with Q-Games. Nintendo releases the Wii mote and Sony releases the PlayStation Move.

All of this pandering for Sony critique aside, it can safely be said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We can also only assume who worked on what first by release date which isn't entirely fair. We never truly know who started researching what first and it usually isn't brought to light in discussion...

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jwk941954d ago

This guy has to be trolling. Pixel Junk Shooter has nothing to do with Geometry Wars.

jimbobwahey1953d ago

It's a problem with sites like N4G unfortunately, some dumb kid with a blog types up some utter garbage article because he's desperate for people to visit his crappy, no-name website and you get trash like this spamming the site. The dumbass couldn't even get the phrase in the title correct for example. I mean really, "Half-Heartily"? Should have paid more attention in school.

Click the + sign next to the URL underneath "Read full story" and hit:

Story quality? WTF?
Like this website? No

Blank1953d ago

Awesome observation I thought the samething and I put my voting skills to use im tired of no name sites stirring up problems when they can write something more informative about games new and old

360ICE1953d ago

Yeah, and nevermind that Super Stardust HD and Blast Factor are a lot more similar, and released a lot closer to Geometry Wars on XBLA. But, oh yeah. Super Stardust has been around for way longer than Geometry Wars. It's an old genre.

Stupid article.

DOMination-1953d ago

Indeed. Back in the day, I had to pass a test to submit news to N4G. One of the criteria of which was that blogs were NOT allowed. Nowadays, you don't need to pass any tests and anything is game.

On topic, I think PSASBR has some problems but it's a solid start to a new IP. I hope Sony tries it again in the future. Of course, it's a bit of a clone of SSB but people enjoy these games and I would like to see a battle royale next gen. I just hope Sony can get a better roster and of course, tweak the presentation and more importantly, the gameplay. It's not far off from being a really good game.

jwk941953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

N4G's submission system is broken. At times you'll have 5 copies of the same story blazing on the front page. Then you have most users favoring one site to another which leads to biased votes.

smashcrashbash1954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Yawn. A whole long drawn out article saying the exact same thing we argued back and forth about explained and explained again over and over and over again.You guys should get another hobby. It's too bad that authors who write this stuff don't make this big a deal about it when Sony and friends make something that isn't 'copying' something else.But a hundred thousand articles about how Sony should have copied SSB and how it isn't like SSB and counting. And I expect to see about a hundred thousand more before the end of the year and a add two hundred thousand more if they try to make PASBR 2. But you won't see many articles about Rain or Puppeteer or anything. Because those aren't 'copying' anything they stay in obscurity.But just let Sony make another shooter so we can hear how much it is 'copying' Halo. Heck Sony just hinted about upgrading their PSEYE and they are already 'copying' Kinect.Now Sony upgrading their own tech that existed long before anyone else is considered 'copying'.

@ jwk94 .Thanks I was just about to say that. He obviously has never played Pixel Junk shooter in his life if he thinks it is like Geometry Wars.

GribbleGrunger1954d ago

Yep, it just beggars belief. Sony must feel like Sly Cooper in the thieves of time. Suddenly, their whole history is disappearing!

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yewles11954d ago compared GEOMETRY WARS with PIXEL JUNK SHOOTER!!!

*knocks self out cold from epic facepalm*

JoGam1954d ago

Lol... That made me laugh... But so true.

DigitalSmoke1953d ago

N4G's filtering system is flawing by epic porportions lately.
Getting the feeling its intentional so much its happening.

Megaton1953d ago

Geometry Wars and PJ Shooter? I believe the comparison you're trolling to make is with Super Stardust HD.

Reverent1953d ago

heh, nice pun; gave me a good chuckle.

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