Black Ops 2 multiplayer better with bots – wait what?

Darryl Linington from ITF Gaming writes: For the past few weeks a group of Gamers, located in South Africa, have mentioned how they have been battling to find online matches in Call of Duty Black Ops 2. This has forced these players to switch to local play in order to play against bots instead.

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Baka-akaB1957d ago

Well they can't be worse than some of the bulk of real players

GamerSciz1957d ago

I doubt bots will sit outside of spawn with a Tac insert and spawn camp/kill...

ShadowKingx1957d ago

Also, bots don’t find cheesy ways to kill you either.

Soldierone1957d ago

No, but they will run around abusing a shotgun fairly easily lol

ACESupERIC1957d ago

I do this quite often when no friends or clan mates are on. While it isn't as hard as real players, it is nice not having to worry about some green guy shooting me in the back to steal my care packages. And if you set the bot difficulty to max, you will get better practice. They dont miss when your sighted. Plus you get access to all weapons, attachments, scorestreaks, etc.For fun set the difficulty to easy and play with the scorestreaks

Acadius1957d ago

I'll play bots in Custom Games and set them to Hardened or Veteran and let me tell ya, there are times I curse them because of the sniper shots they get. Since I reached Master Prestige, I find playing against bots more entertaining since whenever I play objective games with real random players, most of them run into corners and pad their precious k/d ratio. I play the objective and don't care if I go negative for as long as I cap the domination flag and defend it etc etc.