Duke Nukem Predicted Blu-ray Victory in December (Audio)

Via Ripten:

"Well it seems that Duke Nukem does all things well, and that includes predicting who would win the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD war."

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Twizlex3916d ago

By December, who DIDN'T predict Blu-Ray would win?

Nostradavis3916d ago

Hey, don't knock the Duke....

eagle213916d ago

Hopefully on

tweaker3916d ago

Duke Nukem - the Chuck Norris of videogames. lol

ZeroXMD3916d ago

Chuck Norris. Hence, Forever, as in a battle that you will never win because it will last for eternity.

PopEmUp3916d ago

the Duke is going blue not dvd-9 as the sound the of this

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