Fallout New Vegas 2 Rumor and My thoughts on what it means

Obsidian‘s CEO Feargus Urquhart talked briefly about his vision of a new Fallout game and the possible direction he would go about creating it.

Brian Jakubson of Max Level: "Now for those of you that haven't followed the Fallout series from the beginning, should the game move out west we would be introduced with a lot of old locations from Fallout 1. And with Feargus mentioning the Boneyard as one of them or even as its starting point, it gives us a general idea of the make up of the map we could see...."

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MeatheadMilitia1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

What are you looking most forward to with the next Fallout Installment?

Irishguy951952d ago

I hope it's like New Vegas and not Bethesda made games/

Level scaling completely ruins bethesda games for me. I wish Skyrim had two modes.

Morrowind/New vegas mode
Skyrim/fallout 3 mode

Alot of people don't mind and even prefer level scaling...for me literally completely ruins the game and I see no point in playing anymore.

MeatheadMilitia1952d ago

Obsidian does the West Coast Versions of the Game while Bethesda does the East coast versions of the game. If New Vegas 2 is done, it'll be made by Obsidian. When Fallout 4 is done, it'll be made by Bethesda. They do this because both are more knowledgeable in the locations in which their HQs are, which allows for them to scale and create better looks maps.

brish1952d ago

New vegas actually does have level scaling but it's done much better than fallout 3, and skyrim.

SlapHappyJesus1952d ago

Actual choice.
Good writing.
A SPECIAL system that is actually rewarding.
Deeper gameplay mechanics.
Branching story paths.

Really, I just want another Obsidian developed Fallout game. With a longer development cycle, obviously.

MeatheadMilitia1952d ago

I think the only way we are going to get a Multiplayer Fallout game is if they go the MMO route, which, pending on how Elders Scrolls Online does, might be their next step.

NameRemoved00171952d ago

I think they should add co-op but not force it to be used for the people that want to play by themselves. Like saints row 3 did.

cl19831952d ago

It could really interesting on expansion packs.

Tr10wn1952d ago

IMO Fallout MMO was the way to go, i would have made TES a next gen MMO with better graphics and no loadings.

boogey1571952d ago

Online play would be nice.

jon12341952d ago

no!!!! NO MULTIPLAYER!!! AND NO MORE VEGAS...... :( god damn new generation of gaming...

TheSaint1952d ago

Why wouldn't you want co-op? Or do you have no friends??

jon12341952d ago

ha... nice try... but fallout has always been a single player adventure for me, adding online to it will just ruin the series for me

josephayal1952d ago

New vegas 2 Meh! I want Fallout 4

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The story is too old to be commented.