Playstation 4 And Xbox 720 Release Date And Price And What To Expect

"So the Playstation 4 rant has risen up again in the gaming world and everyone is doing nothing but research on what is going to come up next my friends. Sony its making its big announcement as well as the xbox 720 my friends. It is going to be Troy vs Sparta. The war will rage my friends.So Sony has already reveal the name for their new console. The playstaion 4 (PS4) will be called Orbis. Now as to what the name stands for here at ACFRADIO.COM we are not completely sure however according to Kotaku and their on field researchers that is the actual name of the system. We will be talking about the Xbox 720 here as well mates so keep on reading but lets start with good old Sony."

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DanyBrown1954d ago

this article is terrible, presents rumors as fact and looks like its been written by a 10 year old

BrunoM1954d ago

Agree !!! Sadly most gaming news are from people who side with a company and in most cases teens that grab rumors of the Internet and bring it up as facts ...

In any case I see the ps4 coming in two SKU one at 449 and one at 499 ...

Relientk771954d ago

Yeah, and they spelled Blu-ray wrong

user39158001954d ago

Well, rrumors over rumors, this one deserve a coffin. 400 for ps4 and 300 for 720 lmao... I see the oposite, MS and sony have practically the same technology, they are compatible, but ms will include kinnect 2 which is an add on, so sorry but ms machine will cost more. At the end of the day ms 499 and ps4 449.

Kaizin5141954d ago (Edited 1954d ago )

Talking as if this stuff is set in stone, not getting some facts straight, poorly written, "Blue Ray". Me no likely this article.

I do agree the PS4 will likely be out by Christmas, same goes for the next Xbox. Pricing will probably be a little more competitive this time around in comparison to the PS3 and Xbox 360 though. Oh well, time will only tell as to how this one shapes up.

dmcwilliams1954d ago

I highly doubt the XBox will be $299 at release. I can't see it being below $499.

LOGICWINS1954d ago

The general consensus is that it'll be $400, but that might just be for the cheapest SKU.

TheBigShamona1954d ago

At 400$ i think they would take too much of a loss, who knows tho.

josephayal1954d ago

Cant WAIT for next gen consoles, i think Next-gen consoles will be the last

TheBigShamona1954d ago

Yes, because suddenly everyone will be willing to learn how build a gaming PC! I game on my PC because I'm a hardcore gamer, its never going to appeal to the masses who can buy a cheaper box and get a very similar experience. Not to mention with all their friends who also have that box.

Ripsta7th1954d ago

STFU no one cares, we buy what we want with OUR money, not yours

Rhalley1946d ago

i meant to disagree consoles will continue to keep coming out the next ones wont be the last as techology keeps getting better they will have to keep releasing new consoles but it maybe a longer time frame like how it was for theses ones its been almost 7yrs since the 360 and PS3 came out it might be 10yrs before the next Xboox and PS5

givemeshelter1954d ago


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