Full Xbox Live Marketplace Update - 2/28/2008

Check out the gobs of stuff added today to the Xbox Live Marketplace. In addition to the abundance of Spiderwick Chronicles videos, there are also some free History Channel customizations, a very interesting Alone in the Dark Video, and a bunch more stuff. Full details following the breakage.

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Nostradavis3916d ago

Sweet!! Time to fire up the 360 -- oh crap its red ringing!!! JK

caffman3916d ago

I'm in total agreement. Mods! BAN TIME!

Twizlex3916d ago

What's with all the Spiderwick stuff? Is that supposed to be a good game or are they just advertising the crap out of it because it sucks?

Twizlex3916d ago

Has anyone seen any gameplay footage of this game on the PS3?

Twizlex3916d ago

I meant Alone in the Dark. I guess I didn't clarify that, did I? Whoops, hahaha.