Please explain prices: Parliament subpoenas Apple, Microsoft, Adobe

Federal Parliament has issued documents formally compelling major technology vendors Apple, Microsoft and Adobe to compulsorily appear before its committee investigating price hikes on technology products sold in Australia, in a move that finally ends months of stalling by the vendors, who have proven unwilling to voluntary discuss their pricing strategies in public.


Shortly after being summoned to appear before the inquiry, Adobe announced that it will slash the price of some of its products in the Australian market. Photoshop and Creative Cloud will both have their prices lowered for individual licences, bringing them in-line with what people in the US and other markets around the world pay. Business licences of these products remain unaffected.

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joab7771982d ago

They shouldnt have to...this is absurd. Government doesnt answer to us. They are not transparent. If the prices are too high, dont buy it. Though, if they want an answer they only have to look to themselves as the dollar and pound become more and more worthless each day

calis1982d ago

You must live in a wonderful fantasy world.

joab7771981d ago

Actually I don't. I am not happy that prices are high and I wouldn't buy it and I would be pissed but the issue at hand is whether they should be forced to change them by government or even more importantly to explain pricing strategy. The problem is much more complex than this. I just love how we now live in a world where we want what we want, we don't want to pay much (which is fine) but we support crushing regulations and blame all problems on industry while letting government's skate. I know this is a broader issue but it's the reason everything is how it is today. The video game industry, just like almost every industry in the world (maybe Apple excluded for the moment) is in financial trouble. But we have no patience to let the market work. Complain, sign petitions etc., force them to change the pricing but government involvement should be a very rare occurrence. I guess I am crazy...we will see.

Hydralysk1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Except when technology vendors mark up the price for reasons they don't explain, and there aren't alternative vendors for the product you want, you're SOL, which is a pretty legitemate reason for people to be pissed.

Just because you don't buy the product doesn't mean things will change. I don't buy CoD but that doesn't stop it from outselling everything year after year, and more games trying to copy it as a result.

If these companies are charging more money for the same products/services in AU than other locales for no observable reason, then the people deserve an answer as to why they're the ones being price gouged.

BitbyDeath1982d ago

You want our support you do.

nukeitall1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

I believe in a free country to, where I am free to markup the price of my product as I see fit. There is no reason why the government should be meddling in with my business.

It's not communism, and as long as I pay my taxes and there is real competition then I see no reason why the government should be able to say, you are forced to sell this at that price?

This is the equivalent of the government putting inquiring on why the working man's salary is so high!

All I can say is I is free market and supply/demand!

parkerpeters1982d ago

It isn't about capitalism, it isn't about freedom. It is about unethical business practices. Monopolies controlling you wallet. You want freedom? Adobe has your freedom on lockdown.

joab7771981d ago

Freedom isn't strengthened by running to government. We can both agree that the prices may be absurd but it is our responsibility to battle them. Yeah, it's unfortunate because we have lost our nerve and with past government intrusion, corporations have had to move factories and raise prices to maximize profits. I say it's great to get angry and fight back. It just isn't OK for government to be able to compel Corp to act except in rare instances. This isn't one!

nukeitall1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )


"It is about unethical business practices. Monopolies controlling you wallet."

You really need to go back *re-read* my comment. There is nothing unethical about having a large profit margin.

The question shouldn't be why are you charging so much, but rather why isn't there more competition between these companies?

Currently there is no monopoly in the video game industry, so the government need to stimulate competition and not meddle in business affairs.

"Adobe has your freedom on lockdown."

Adobe has practically been an industry standard now so they are pretty much a monopoly. However, that doesn't stop me from using a different competing product. The higher the profit margins, the bigger room for more competitors.

So no, Adobe doesn't have my freedom on lockdown, but they do make some darn good products.

Most consumers don't know how it is to run a business, so all they see is huge profit margins, but they never see the cost of running a business, nor do they see the fat tax bill you get stuck with.

That is why I love the US, despite all it's problems. If I work hard, I get to profit. If I do nothing, I earn almost nothing as it should be!

I don't want a bunch of lazy compadres hanging out getting high wages for doing almost nothing.

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parkerpeters1982d ago

I for one, think this is a fantastic turn of events!

calis1982d ago

if anything happens. Our government is pretty soft on this stuff.

BanBrother1982d ago

Yes it is fantastic. They were talking about this ages ago, but obviously the big companies declined to comment (I think Apple had a BS excuse).

I doubt that our government will get anything done, they are utterly useless when it comes to technology. Too many old Christian men in Australian politics (not hitting at Christians, just that the old ones have that olden day thinking).

Too all those saying it is because of the dollar differences, you are wrong. The Australian dollar is currently at around 102.5 U.S cents, which dropped recently as it usually hovered around 104-105 US cents.
What about shipping? There is no way it costs $400 per iPad, unless they are flown overhere individually in golden wrapping.

I understand that things will be more expensive here, to to isolation and small market, but what about digital items? If we have to pay more for digital items (we do) than that is unfair. Robbery.

Tzuno1982d ago

you want your answer don't buy at high prices they will lower them :)

annus1982d ago

I don't want to pay $900 for an iPhone, yet many do, so the prices never drop. If it were that easy it would already be done. The way the world works is magical.

4lc4pon31982d ago

good its about time for aussies to get a cut. Prices in AUS are insane and they need someone to step in.

cl19831982d ago

I wonder if there's something more to this story from their lat paragraph, "If nothing else, at least seeing some more honest evidence in this case will help fuel a wider debate about how the Australian Government can create a more favourable environment for major technology companies to operate in Australia."

calis1982d ago

They're only doing it because companies realise we're going overseas to buy tech and they're losing money.

It's not for the peoples benefit.

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