PlayStation All-Stars Update v1.07

PSEuphoria Writes: "Today marks the day that All-Stars gets it’s first bit of downloadable content. Kat and Emmett will be released later today as well as a tons of other DLC for All-Star fans to enjoy!

Here’s the patch notes that you can expect for both the PlayStation 3 (549 MB) and Vita version (825 MB)"

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Y_51501981d ago

A nice update, I want to hear about the more fighters being included next. Spoil me!

dgonza401981d ago

A while back they said in a blogpost on the US playstation blog that they'll announce more stuff in March. Hopefully it's more characters.

DarkBlood1981d ago

ah ok so its in the patch, couldnt find it on the store lol

tachy0n1981d ago

me too, i was scared xD

LOL it is an 800MB+ update! worth it!

Myst1981d ago

Time to power up this game and play a few rounds!

haymoza1981d ago

The update also includes a new portrait of Dante... old and ugly I may add.

MGRogue20171981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

825MB... honestly XD compress plz D: lol.. R.I.P 16GB memory card.

Oh & don't anyone bother telling me to go buy a 32GB one, you know they're expensive as F*CK. I don't even have a job ffs.. :(

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The story is too old to be commented.