Critical Consensus: Aliens: Colonial Marines

GI - Gearbox fumbles its attempt to follow James Cameron. Get those "another bug hunt" straplines ready.

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MysticStrummer1894d ago

If you're bored, watch the two hour IGN live stream from about a week ago, then explain why it made the game look solid and fun when it's clearly got major issues. I'm usually one to discount reviews, as some of my favorite games have gotten mediocre scores, but this is a landslide of negativity. I shouldn't be surprised after the long dev time, but that live stream actually had me excited for an at worst solid Aliens game.

maximus19851894d ago

i completely agree. i watched the entire live stream and saw a great game. now im playing it and its still good. then again im not trying to play this like its my call of duty 10 or whatever.

MysticStrummer1894d ago

Damn you. I'm fighting the urge to go buy it as it is, just because it's an Aliens game and has co-op. Now you say you're enjoying it. lol

maximus19851894d ago

i know what you mean. after reading all the negative reviews i was on the fence but i still picked up my collectors edition anyway. after playing online im happy i did, its scary trying to watch your back non stop. Just when you pull up the motion detector and realize somethings right behind you is awesome. ill leave at this: if your a fan of aliens the movie give it a rent and see what you think, and if your not then dont bother because youll only complain about iron sights, gun sounds, bad ai for enemies with guns so just wait for call of duty # or halo 5

HammockGames1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

@ Maximus

Great to hear you're enjoying it. I remember watching Alien and Aliens when I was a kid (still in the theaters @ the time - hard to believe). Still two of my favorite films.

My copy hasn't arrived yet (PC version), and your comment has me still looking forward to this - despite the backlash.

It would have been hard to hold up to the hype and expectations this game built over the years, but most review scores seem to indicate it's completely broken. Pleased to hear there's some hope - much appreciated.