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We’ve all been looking forward to Aliens: Colonial Marines. After all, it’s based on one of the best sci-fi series of all time, Ridley Scott’s Alien. But, does Sega make a game that lives up to high expectations, or should Aliens: Colonial Marines be lost in space?

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MysticStrummer2014d ago

It'll be interesting to see what kind of score Game Informer gives this game, since they gave Dead Space 3 a near perfect score.

Abash2014d ago

I never buy games that score a 2 or under, but this baby got a 2.1 so I can get a copy now. Phew!

MysticStrummer2014d ago

lol Close one. What I don't understand are the multiple previews in the last few months that made the game look like a 7 at the very worst. Hell the two hour IGN live stream from a week ago had me pretty excited. Online and off it looked like, if not a masterpiece of innovative gaming, at least a solid Aliens game. Just another instance where gaming journalism let us down, because I'm sure people pre-ordered based on those positive previews.

Bonerboy2014d ago

Im not surprised at all. Gearbox is constantly overrated.

Kalowest2014d ago

Nope they are not overrated,

MysticStrummer2014d ago

Constantly? No, but they have put their name on some less than stellar titles whether they actually made the games or not.

Upstate89872014d ago

game informer gave it a 4.0 :-/

Yes, folks, it really is that bad.

DivineAssault 2014d ago

wow, so many mixed reviews on this game.. Gearbox is great when it comes to borderlands so how can this game suck so bad??? The highest review ive seen from EGMNOW gave it a 9/10 so they mustve got paid off cuz i dont see any other reviews even close to that

UnHoly_One2014d ago (Edited 2014d ago )

Probably because Gearbox makes Borderlands themselves but they outsourced this game to somebody else.

ThanatosDMC2014d ago

They must have been really blind at how horrible the graphics were. Sometimes they dont even load properly. Not to mention teleporting marines, aliens clipping through walls, walking through walls, random crashes, doors not opening until you reload the game, etc.

antz11042013d ago

I didnt think the graphics were any worse than AC3 or Dishonored....the character models in those games are horrendous.

ThanatosDMC2013d ago

That's the problem. I played it on the PC. Max settings.

0pie2014d ago

2.1 ? why they decided to give 2.1 and not 2 ... Oh review scores...

Upstate89872014d ago

its an average of the criteria for reviewing.
Story: 2/10

Gameplay: 2/10

Graphics: 4/10

Music: 5/10

Replayability: 0/10

Multiplayer: 2/10

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