Here's One Rumored Detail About the Next Xbox That Piques My Interest

1UP - The latest Durango report covers multitasking, game installs, and Kinect's prominent role.

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greenpowerz1957d ago (Edited 1957d ago )

I think a lot of people are confusing or purposely misunderstanding Kinect's role of always being on and coming with every 720.

Kinect 2 is simply part of the 360 interface/dash/core software. It has full control of the 720 console. I see fanboys talking like you have no choise in turning off video chat/sharing and or all games will be full Kinect games.

Kinect being always on means it can control the console on or in standby and control every aspect of the console no matter what app/mode/game/setting is running. That's it LMAO

Just turn off the Kinect fuctions and set the privacy settings to no Kinect sharing ,complaining/commenting about having to have the hardware is just moronic at best. No one is going to be angry once they have the unit oppose to having to spend close to $200 extra.