Sony: "There is a real problem with putting console games on mobile phones"

Sony's self-proclaimed "crazy" person, Chris Mahoney, on how to bridge the gap between console and mobile games

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dorron1981d ago

And it's called buttons...

TheGrimOfDeath1981d ago

I'm not trying to troll or anything, but you could just link a PS3 controller to the phone if you have one.

FriedGoat1981d ago

rather just pick-up my vita and play high quality games than play Nova or other overated mobile games.

Minato-Namikaze1981d ago

Or you could just play it on the ps3

CommonSenseGamer1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

You mean like call of duty and resistance?

The Vita gets its fair share of shovelware just like every other platform. Thing is, just like the Vita, there are some real gems available for phones/tablets but for a fraction of the price. I would rather play Modern Combat 4 for only $6 than COD on Vita any day of the week. Especially since it has controller support.

Games should exploit the control scheme available to them so the difficulty of the game, rather the controls, is what makes a game challenging. The PSP suffered from some pretty nasty control schemes at times. I would actually say playing an fps on a touchscreen is better than playing it on the PSP.

THC CELL1981d ago

@ fried goat the vita life changing. Love it

tachy0n1981d ago


can you bring your PS3 in your pocket?


therefore, PSVita.

murdock551980d ago

what kind of dumb ass idea is that.

TheGrimOfDeath1980d ago

I give a small I idea stating the idea of using the PS3 controller if you want on a phone and all of you people get butthurt and say "LOL VITA AND PS3". Seriously great community, let the disagrees pour in.

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Prodigy-X1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

I want to see how their cloud gaming service will look like running on ps vita, ios, and android devices.


JBSleek1981d ago

See the way I look at it this would be all fine and dandy thinking that consumers want to "invest" their time and not "waste" it but outside of the 3DS, any considered button console doesn't perform close to mobile devices (excluding phones from this to be fair) which in numers the 3DS doesn't even come close.

"84M iPads, 400M iOS devices, 350M iPods sold." And that's just Apple. I may agree with his statement somewhat but it is clear that consumers are just fine swiping the screen for fun.

Now, I'm not saying he is wrong just that we as gamers would prefer buttons but the majority either doesn't or don't want the price that comes with consoles.

In my opinion of course.

Wintersun6161981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Who buys a phone, tablet or iPod primarily for gaming? Your sales point is moot.

MasterCornholio1981d ago

Well thats where all the casuals went because with those devices they can do a lot more than just gaming.

JBSleek1981d ago

Who buys any device to primarily do one specific task in 2013?

Sure they don't primarily game on these devices but they can get their gaming fix therefore cutting the need to get a 3DS or a Vita.

When these sales are cutting the sales of a Vita or a 3DS I think the sales point is important and I'm sure Sony knows this as well.

ApolloAdams1981d ago

So you are saying there is no correlation between these sales and the sales of a 3DS or Vita? And thus insinuating that people can't game and also do thins on these devices?

You have to be smarter than that.

Anon19741981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

It doesn't matter if gaming is the primary use or not. Research has shown that more than half the users in the UK and US use their mobile phones for gaming, so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see what a big deal that is. Half a billion smartphones were sold last year alone. In 2011, $12 billion dollars was generated by mobile gaming. To put that into perspective, Nintendo as a whole has revenue of about $8 billion annually.

You might argue that no one buys a phone or tablet primarily for gaming, but there's no denying that that's what they're being used for in a big way. It'd be crazy not to be looking into this market when you see games like Grand Theft Auto, Bastion and The Walking Dead all making an impact via mobile devices. I'm not saying mobile gaming is the future of gaming or will replace consoles. Nothing so dramatic, but to ignore the impact mobile gaming is having on the industry is to bury your head in the sand. It used to be if you wanted any kind of gaming experience on the go, you needed a portable gaming device. Not so today.

Wintersun6161980d ago

I didn't mean that those devices sales don't matter at all. Even though smartphones and tablets sell a lot more than 3DS or Vita, it doesn't mean that everyone who has one is satisfied about their gaming capabilities. I have an SGS2 which is powerful enough to play anything on Android.

I've honestly tried very hard to find something really worth my time to play, but so far the only games I've played extensively or completed on my phone are GTA3, VC, Plants vs Zombies & FF VII-IX (via emulator).

I'm sure most of the so called hardcore gamers would agree. I know there are millions and millions of casuals who are happy with Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. But that doesn't mean that "consumers are just fine swiping the screen for fun."

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Hicken1980d ago

The numbers mean almost nothing. Hell, who DIDN'T play Snake on their old Nokias back in the day? Got a couple of minutes to waste? Play Snake.

What's the difference between that and gaming on smartphones? Not much, honestly. It's still the exact same reason for "gaming," and hardly indicates anything about the handheld gaming market.

Yes, sales of smartphones have increased... having almost zero impact on the sales of dedicated handhelds. Any woes current devices are or were having can be attributed to issues specific to that device.

NateCole1981d ago

If console level gaming is done on mobile console gaming would be dead. All you will need to get the same experience as traditional console gaming is hookup your mobile console to the TV with controllers and thats it.

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